MoonGamers was first established on Valentineís Day, 2004, as a one server gaming community where mature players could play our favorite game and map, BF1942 Omaha Beach, in the manner in which we wanted to play it. We established a set of rules that applied not only to the players on our servers, but to the admins as well; all are considered equal under these rules and they are enforced across the board.

MoonGamers Omaha Beach was born and remained full 24/7 from the day we opened. Within one month, BF Vietnam was released, a server was opened. and the game and server soon died on the vine. The server eventually turned into the first CounterStrike:Source server which quickly ranked #1 Worldwide for CS:S...and the growth continued.

In April of 2005, PunkBuster brought MoonGamers and Wagoogees together; our communities met when a flawed PB patch was released. We soon found that we held the same values and game interests, and players from both communites started getting to know each other. In August 2005, Wagoogees officially closed their doors...and on October 1, 2005, MoonGamers Mostly CQ Omaha was born, and is still being run by the majority of the admin team that had taken Wagoogees to #1 in the World for BF1942. Most of the regular Wagoogees players came to find a new home at MoonGamers, and our family grew again.

MoonGamers continued to grow, and we now offer multiple servers for our community to play a nice variety of games and mods. We welcome international players and have been fortunate that our players have translated our rules into many different languages. We welcome clan members as long as they follow the same rules and donít recruit.

MoonGamers has built our reputation on lag-free smooth gameplay, rules for the MoonGamers players that you will find on the Rules page, and on the fact that our servers are well adminned during most hours of the day. During the rare times you will not find an admin on the servers, you are very likely to find one in TeamSpeak or via one of our Contact methods to take care of whatever problems you may encounter on our servers.

We hope you enjoy playing on our servers and welcome any feedback you wish to give, positive or negative. Please send feedback to: