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#1 Caryll

Posted 03 October 2016 - 01:20 AM

Howdy and hello all! This is Caryll. I saw an "introductions" area in the forums and figured it's the least I could do, to give y'all a taste of who I am, seeing as I don't talk much otherwise.


Being a 37 year old (MALE!!!) gamer has it's advantages, and disadvantages. First and foremost, been involved in gaming ever since you had to program your TI's for hours on end, just to play a simple game like pac-man. I've watched the evolution of gaming, and PC's in general. That being said, I really wish I'd gotten into computers a little more, and a little less into the culinary field, but eh, you do what you love, and cooking/baking is a pretty close second to playing video games :^DD!


SO yeah, I'm  bit of a recluse, but not really. It's more like playing DayZ is one of the few times of the day where I can just relax without the demands of the day hitting me. Because of this, I probably will seem anti-social, but I'm not IRL, it's more like playing here gives me a break from the otherwise constant buzz of other people in my ears. For that reason, I really appreciate having a friendly PVE server to chillax on, and appreciate you folks including me when I've been hoping to be included, but respecting the "distance" I maintain, otherwise. However, anyone is more than welcome to drop in on me at my base, I actually leave plenty of supplies laying around for folks in case of emergencies, mozzie parts, bloodbags, ammo, food and drink (etc, basics). One of my more recent activities has been to just hang out in Cherno w/mozzie parts. I get to kill the occasional bandit squad, collect supplies, and if someone dies I can get them a ride... So if you see me in Cherno, and are in need of a ride back to your body, just ask, chances are I'll have the parts for one on me...


Having just recently joined, only time will tell how much and when y'all will see me on. I originally quit playing DayZ altogether for a while, namely because of a change in my living situation has placed slightly higher demands on my schedule. But I definitely want to take an opportunity to thank the mods and Admins for being so active, I can see the difference already in this server compared to many others. I really appreciate a decent-minded community, and think y'all have done a good job of fostering one. You've even got ME to clean my language up a bit, which by-golly-gee (:^DD), I actually hadn't realized how loose I had gotten with my usage of the "Carlin Classics" lately (which hopefully doesn't give you a distinctive "insight to the quality of my character, immediately", lol)... And LOVE the choice of "Moongamers", my Choctaw short-name translated is "Rising Moon". So of course I had to check out the server. Glad I did.


As far as Teamspeak, I might join up on the very rare occasion, but having my mom live with me (-ahem- *NOT the other way around* - ahem-) has changed the opportunities in which me talking to someone online - it usually ends up w/her thinking I'm talking to her, so she gets confused, then starts trying to have a conversation w/me, while I'm still trying to communicate with the people on the other side of the mic... Yeeesh... It's just way, way easier to forgo using the mic, most of the time.


Anyways, hope this gives y'all a little insight into the reclusive person that I can seem to be, and probably am. But I do try and be a friendly recluse :^).


Hope to see y'all on!

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#2 posi

Posted 03 October 2016 - 02:31 AM

 Welcome to the forums.  The TI was good at making sound easily accessible for simple programs.  I remember it well, it was one of my stepping stones as a hobbyist.  


  I'm sure the DayZ players will appreciate your offer of supplies whether you can be on TS or not.

#3 Rivet

Posted 06 October 2016 - 10:22 AM

Welcome to the forums Caryll!

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