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Day Z

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#1 Enforcer

Posted 15 December 2013 - 07:54 PM

Okay, well, after a conversation with a Day Z player, one thing has become very clear to me. There are two opposing philosophies when it comes to Day Z.

One. The play should be cooperative as a whole. The philosophy being the players vs zombies. The options exist to craft, build and keep the items that you purchase, the structures you create etc. Raiding parties occur but, to replenish supplies not to look for other survivors but, to outfit the group.

Two. The play should be player vs player as a whole. The zombies and its players are fair game, kill or be killed. If you can find another survivor that wants to help you out, build what you can before another survivor sees you.

Truthfully, I was hoping that most of the Moongamers players would want to Coop considering we have been a PvP community since we started back in 2004. Last year, or earlier this year I started playing Star Trek online. I rather enjoyed the teamwork with a team philosophy, five players working together as a unit toward a common goal. I know in BF3 and such, you could as a squad, move toward a goal etc, but, with a different vibe going on. With STO, you can't shoot your teammate or cause damage unless you click into the PvP area and specifically go there to fight another person. Otherwise, it is all PVE.

In starting Day Z for the past week, I see that my vision will not come to pass. So, since there are those that would prefer to the play the game one way vs the other, we have two visions for a server. I have spoken with some other Core members and it seems running two servers would be the best option.

One server would be a coop effort with PvP disabled. The other server would be a PvP server with no rules other than maybe the standard Moongamers respect rules, racism etc if that is even an option. The possibility exists to give a player more X or Y if they send in currency to the Moongamers community, say a 10oz gold bar for every ten bucks you send in. Or, you get a chainsaw and some lumber, or you get some other commodity that you have earned for sending in real currency to help support our community, bigger pack..rifle or pistol or something when you spawn in..hatchet..don't know..that has not been established.

So that is what we are thinking...

Thoughts or opinions?

#2 Captain John H. Miller

Posted 16 December 2013 - 04:10 AM

I would like that if you die, you hold on to some basic stuff, like some water, food, a pistol(with ammo),a knife, a map and such.
Because if I hadn't got any help with the game I would never find anything.

BTW I like the cooperation in the game.
And I like the idea player can donate to moon and get something like gold for it.

#3 Irish_Trunks

Posted 16 December 2013 - 07:04 PM

I honestly only have an interest in PvP to a degree, but I'm just as equally geared for coop in this type of game. I rather enjoy the strategy and efficiency of working together towards goals in this particular game and would hate to see that lost just so people can shoot others.

#4 Enforcer

Posted 17 December 2013 - 10:36 AM

Well, I have a couple of days to think on this. I was not happy with what transpired on Sunday and Sunday evening. As a community, we ended up losing a good admin over my expressions on the DayZ side of things. I want to take this time to apologize for my statements on teamspeak the other night about banning any player that kills me in game. In thinking back, I believe that was the night I did not log out over looking Starry and the unknown bandit player came in, looted my gear until Leadpaint put the bandit down and provided it all back to me. Thanks to him for doing so. I was probably a bit pissed when I said what I said, but, still that is no excuse.

For an explanation of things so there is no confusion, playing on a server that is open play, to include ours, the game is what it is..kill or be killed I would think. There is no taking the time to determine if player A is friend or for, because when you figure that out, if a foe, you will already be dead. So, you will end up attempting to kill anyone other survivor you may find in game. How could I get angry with a kill on a server like that. However, if we are on a cooperative server and the plan is to work together and that is understood or supposed to be understood by all, and then all of a sudden I get popped and looted, yes, I would be pretty pissed off because as I understood it, there was to be no killing of other survivors. PvP would still be enabled as there is some benefits to having some bandits around. The only way to get bandit status is to kill other survivors. So, when I was talking about banning people, I was talking about the second thought above, on a server where we are supposed to be working together. Some in teamspeak thought I was talking about anyone who killed me and the next day, there was very much a division of players in teamspeak and that just plain sucks. I was having fun with ALL the dayz players in one channel doing their thing, making raids, and killing zombies. And it seemed that all came to an end. Not the direction I want to be doing in.

I understand the nature of the game, and frankly, not sure I want to play the game in that way. It appears I may be in the minority and as such, don't want to hold up the progress as a whole. I have been selfish in wanting to steer this game in a direction that I wanted to see, but, may not be for the best for our community. So, for now, I would recommend you put up an EPOCH server as the game is meant to be played. PvP with some zombies running around and whatever else may be decided. I am hopeful that this server will being in some donations and in turn, help pay for our community to keep on truckin for the next foreseeable future.

#5 JohnAlan

Posted 17 December 2013 - 12:53 PM

I ran a pve server for months on end. It kept a good population of players who didn't like pvp. Of course there were the occasional player that would break the rules, but they were delt with consistently. The rules were simple... 1 kill got you a 24 hour ban, 2 was 48 hours and 3 was perm. Didn't matter what the situation was. Same punishment for anyone breaking the no pvp rule. The server stayed active for 5 months until the normal players moved on to different modds.

Just wanted to share a little on the positive experiences I had with pve.

#6 Enforcer

Posted 17 December 2013 - 04:06 PM

Thanks John for sharing. That must have been about the time, my KDR went down from knife kills on BF3.

#7 JohnAlan

Posted 17 December 2013 - 04:14 PM

Why! yes it was Enforcer. How'd you know that? If you play bf4 it may happen again..... mytaggsnow needs his collection to grow. Lol

#8 Irish_Trunks

Posted 17 December 2013 - 07:29 PM

See I agree with Enforcer for the coop server. The element of PvE being added is something that can be seriously considered. The most fun I've had with Moongamers was the insane amount of hours I played STO. And in all that time of STO, I never did PvP. Never had a big interest and it wasn't needed. Naturally DayZ would be a different kind of game but the coop method involved is still the same. We work together to find the most efficient means of obtaining a specific goal. In STO, it wasn't just about finishing a Borg mission, it was about finishing in a certain amount of time with minimal damage by coming up with a strategy that could be perfected. The same principle can be applied here and I think it would keep people wanting to play the PvE aspect as much as PvP. I may hop on PvP and enjoy it, but it's also sometimes stressful knowing all this hard work can be gone from a raid. With enough time, I'd want to hop back on the PvE server and know that if I see someone, I don't hafta shoot them first and then make sure they were friendly. Teamwork is just as fun for me.

#9 Jigoogly

Posted 31 December 2013 - 01:26 AM

I agree Co-op need to be fundamental on PvE and i think so far it has been in some very great ways.

ways in which i think it could be improved would be in terms of objectives. base building and zombie slaying are all good and fun but only for so long. after the base is the size of Mordor and you have devised systems for easy zombie mow down things become to easy and thus boring. I think something along the lines of hostile AI would make it far more interesting. I will (till the end) recommend DayZ AI as they not only have fantastic range of capabilities (looting, zombie, killing, fighting among each other in a 3 way faction battle) but in my experience they are the least buggiest of all the AI mods. for instance my experience with Sarge AI is that the AI are not only slow and robot like in their actions, but they are also more of a joke than an actual game play additive in that they are more like walking bags of loot then an actual in game element. the same goes for Bandit AI while this mod seems to have more life to the AI in this than Sarge AI they still are very clumsy and lack life.

just my two bits.

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