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MoonGamers seeding guide for players

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Posted 27 December 2016 - 06:22 PM

I miss Monkey....  :(

#22 Captain John H. Miller

Posted 12 April 2018 - 08:50 AM

A MoonGamers Guide to Seeding

If you happen upon one of the MoonGamers servers that has little to no players in it, try to remember the following.

1. Do not kill everyone relentlessly. (constant nades to spawns, tank blasting spawns or aircraft bombing the spawns). While spawn camping is allowed on our servers, it can hinder a server from filling with more players.

2. Do not tell the players that they HAVE to use a certain type of weapon. Sure its great and you can ask but please do not demand that they do this or tell them to leave if they wish to play with all weapons.Also don't tell a player to get out of a tank or you will TK them, rather ASK them politely to refrain from using equipment until more players arrive.

3. Say hi, hello, good day...... try to let the player know that they have been seen and noticed, even with a low population if you can get a player to respond the more likely they will stay longer and come back more often.

4. Do not try to be the "admin" this can and may get you kicked or worse yet banned. If the player is breaking the rules, let them know it is against rules and what the rule is, then point them to the website if they want to know more about the rules.

5. Use the time to show any new players how to do things, use the weapons or show them a few tricks of the game.

6. See if they would like to talk to who they are playing with and invite them to TeamSpeak.

7. Please leave a place for players to spawn, don't cap out because it is easy to do.

8. MoonGamers considers the server no longer in the seeding stage when CQ is above 24, BF1942(TDM) is above 34 and DC is above 34

If we can all follow the above, we can have filled servers in a short time and we will have players come back again and again. Remember at one time YOU were the new player at the game and were not the best at it.


It's written in 2008, but it is still relevant today.

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