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#1 helltaker

Posted 05 October 2013 - 06:19 PM

here i will explain what i do to recruit, your choice if you want to use it or not :).

so i do a tour starting by standing in earth spacedock(Placeing message), then beam to ship and depart system(place message) and make my way to new romulas(placing message at each Zone), i beam to new rom(place message) then back to ship, then ill transwarp to Deapspace K7 and dock (place message) beam back to ship and depart system (place message) and work my way to Deep space 9 (placeing a message in each zone) then dock at ds9 (place message) then i play some dabo for 5/10mins (replace message) beam to ship and work my way back to earth spacedock (placing message in each zone) then start over again xD

(messge to place) MoonGamers Recruiting new and old players, we have teamspeak, forums, facebook, 200+ members 20+ active daily and currently at tier 4 starbase, pm me for more info :) [FED]

Once you have recruited a member you must send them a mail saying the following

Welcome to the Moongamer’s Fleet!

We are a casual but organized International community dedicated to improving gameplay through team effort. It is a pleasure to have you join us here. Joining a fleet is necessary to become a successful online player.

Special fleet features.

-You may have noticed now that you belong to a fleet that you can access your own personal fleet star base now from the transwarp tab from space.

-You have also unlocked special fleet uniforms and tailor options as well as new fleet events that will earn you fleet credits.

-Fleet credits are necessary to purchase special “fleet only” ships, weapons and assets that will ensure you a healthy Star Trek career.

STO at times can be quite overwhelming but do not fear. Here at Moongamer’s Fleet, we have your back. If you have, any questions or want to join us for a star battle come in to team speak, www.teamspeak3.com (a quick free download) and speak to a real live admin at adress moonts.sytes.net.

*Do not forget to sign up to our forums at moongamers.com

*Feel free to ask anyone within the fleet for any help or questions you may need answered.

Live well and prosper.

after mailing them this please spend some time trying to help them get used to speaking to others within the fleet and knowing who is who within the fleet.
if you need any more information on recruiting mail me in-game at Helltaker@chuckyjim and i will mail you back with any answers

#2 Enforcer

Posted 14 October 2013 - 11:00 AM

Good aid for recruiting Helltaker. Thanks for posting.

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