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Arma 3 Exile Australia PVE & PVP Map

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#1 Treleifin

Posted 09 July 2019 - 06:40 PM

I know alot of  you are wondering about why Epoch  Australia disappeared. Well, the database is not the same as the exile and rather than spending time learning a new database system, and money getting a program that would allow me to even manage the database (it's not a one time fee). I also did warn a great many of you that it was a research thing that might not stick around. So let me now tell you about something that is going to stick around now.


Australia + Exile

I chose, instead of sinking time and money into epoch, to improve our Exile experience. It is a work in progress but so far we have an Australia map up. We have loot in 2/3 of the buildings. THANKS to Phyrstorm for giving me a hand on this!


Female Characters

Female characters are now available! You must go into your Arma 3 browser, press play, go to your character icon int he top right corner and edit it or make a new character and choose your female. Make sure to install the MaxJoiner female mod first! Girly outfits are limited but the characters can wear the guy stuff. We

have not tried being a guy wearing a dress yet, but if you do I hope you share a screenshot with us! 


Rappeling Perks

You can now rappel and shoot at the same time off a building and hang there and shoot, yes just like Rainbow Six Siege. Also, if you have a good pilot, they can drop you on to a building of a mission and, while you are dropping on the rope, you can shoot when/if you come under fire. 



Yep, we spiced it up a little bit. During the daylight hours on the server it is PVE. Everybody is happy, looting, hunting, fishing, mission wokring. When the sun goes down and it is dark then it is PVP. Full dark = PVP and as soon as it starts lighting up for morning then PVP is over. You cannot camp trader zones. You cannot camp Spawn zones. You cannot camp player bases or destroy those. You CAN kill a player outside of those zones during PVP hours and steal everything they have on them and the kitchen sink. Obviously, this can get tricky because I did not say that mission working areas are off limits so you make a pact with players or kill them on site if they loiter your mission while you are working it in the dark. 


More soon, but for now, Enjoy!



#2 NativeWarrior

Posted 24 August 2019 - 12:40 PM

is server acting up or is it just my computer?

I can't get in either server altis or australia

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