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DoD Update

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#1 CrDraggin

Posted 20 October 2014 - 02:04 AM

Last update to this section of forums was from the end of August (2 months ago). Server population is very low. If you like to play DoD and like Moongamers, we need to really get this going. If you are a player and this server is missing something, let us know. I would like to host one of the most populated DoD servers out there, but new games are coming and resources might be needed. So if always empty why keep it running? Prove it isn't this game!

Below is last months server activity.

Posted Image

#2 LeadPaint

Posted 26 October 2014 - 12:28 PM

Well one.. it is the game. Valve used DoD:S as a test bed for engine features to be used in TF2 and CS:S(and later CS:GO). The core of the game is broken, and has had a rough history. Most DoD players tried it once, then went back to DoD as it was less random, more skill. The competitive scene mostly died out with CAL when CPL was bought out by Dubai and they had a market crash. I'd say a fairly large number of players are banned from most servers. Then there is the rift between vanilla and realism mods.

Two, admins. I was the last admin picked up for the game(12 February 2013). No problem at first as we had at least four admins on from 5 to 10pm every night. Due to various reasons, the seniors moved on to other things. This meant no more admins could be brought on. Admins, due to their own reasons, began to move on as well. The strict rules in place prevented any of the few remaining admins from bringing on new ones because we weren't allowed. The roles for seniors were never filled, and the last effort I know of ended in complete failure. I can further explain this but not publicly.

Also, some admins were allowed to do things very unbecoming of a Moon admin. Changing maps to intentionally kill the server, changing maps to rid themselves of certain players, changing maps to suit their class's strengths, permanent bans for players who could have been muted, bans for iffy names, bans for being better aka 'hacking'(and allowing those bans to stand with no real evidence). If that ban list has carried over to the current server, I would clean it out and take out the trash as needed.

Three, the server. When Moon became my 'go to' server in August/September 2012, there were two public servers and one locked. The server that saw all the action was the "Mostly Stock" server. Yet all that ever got played was custom maps. To top that off, things like medic mod destroyed what little balance the game had left. Meanwhile, the server called "Kustom Kettle" got no attention, had no players, and ran stock maps with the only mod on it being the pistol mod(that I recall), which also throws game balance out the window by giving all classes pistols. For fear of change causes harm to the player base, no changes ever got made to get the second server going.

Only two people had access to the server, and one wasn't around much. Getting a server reset could be next to impossible. The server settings could use some changes as well. Players are forced to use cl_interp(prediction), while allowing players to use sv_pure custom skins(which can be used for exploits) and allowing wait commands in scripting sv_allow_wait_command. The server musical chairs lost us players, and the last one we were at had terrible latency issues. Once it went down, we were lights out for too long, and when it did come up... most of us were with family on holiday. Pretty much no advance notice. Then the attention went back to other things. Loss of good admin tools was the kicker, though I suppose out of our control.

The map rotation was never changed from default. This was a big one. Its hard to judge anymore because the player base is so splintered. Some are just fine with stock maps, whether because they know and like them, or because their computer can't handle poorly optimized maps. Some are tired of stock maps, and only want to play custom. But an easy change was needed for two maps. Every time, EVERY time, these maps run back to back, they would kill the server. This did not change because only one person could do it. There was the fear that change would harm the server. And no group decision could be made because only a couple of people had input, the rest shot it down for fear of it no longer being "Moon's" server but that small group of admins' server.

This is all that comes to mind right off. I apologize for the wall of text. It is not proof read so it may not flow well. The community gets smaller and smaller every day, and is controlled by a handful of servers. Really great chances were passed over when a few communities fell apart.
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#3 D Day

Posted 28 October 2014 - 03:58 PM

I for one, miss this server and the regulars that populated it. There are others that I now drop into, but none that I enjoyed more than this one. If it's not going to come back up, I suppose someone should say that. If there is a will to bring it back, I would certainly do my part to help seed it.

#4 Thumper

Posted 29 October 2014 - 08:45 AM

I am of the same mind set as D Day, I have found other servers to play on in the interim, I would rather play for an hour than seed for an hour with not so much as one visitor. I enjoy the game but it was more about the people, I can play the game on any server but it's the people that made it enjoyable. I used to look forward to my evening and weekend play sessions with the quick witted casual players and admins.
I think a few things caused this server to suffer:
1) Steam updates made it difficult to admin (breaking the admin interface)
2) A few power trippy admins
3) Competitive players started to populate a relatively relaxed server which made it frustrating for casual players, not to say they weren't welcome but their competitive play style needed to be toned down
4) Newer games came out that people preferred to play
5) The change in server locations made it challenging for some players as it created lag issues (that said, you will always have that given the global access to the server)
6) Lack of admins on the server (this goes back point #4)
7) As other servers closed down we saw more "Hackers" that disrupted game play

Keep in mind that these points are just my opinions.


#5 Lin

Posted 30 October 2014 - 06:47 AM

I too have been missing playing on our server.

I will work on it this weekend and see if I can get things going again. :)

If there is anyone else who knows how to do server side stuff and you're willing to help, please speak up. We have lost folks who had the talent, (miss you Monk!) and we need to assemble a new DoD server team.

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