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Announcement: How to Donate

Posted by Lin

Until we get the appropriate Donation Tracker working again, donations can be PayPal to [email protected] Thank you! Lin 1/20/2015

Effective Aug 1 2010, we have a new way to donate to MoonGamers!

For single or individual PayPal donation:
You can use your Sidebar donation area to make a single donation. If you do not have your Sidebar turned on, just click the small arrow at the right of the forum when you're on the main Board Index. If this somehow doesn't work for you, then click on the Donate button in the main Banner.

Complete the form, and you will receive a Thank You PM with the donation banner for your signature. Your donation will show immediately in the list of Donors, and your donation will be included in the Goals bar.

For Subscriptions:
Click on the Store button in the main Banner and complete the Subscription form. We will manually add you to Donations list and Goals, and will send your donation banner in a Thank You email.

To mail your donation:
Please send an email to: [email protected]
Let us know you're sending it in the mail and please include your game name, the server you're donating to, and the amount so we can watch for it. Then mail to:

MoonGamers c/o Lin Allen
4676 Commercial St SE PMB 357
Salem OR 97302

If you are sending a donation that is intended to span several months, please indicate how many months and how much per month you are sending, so we can put you on a Recurring Donation list. You can add information to your PayPal donation right before you complete your transaction; look for the link that says something about sending comments to the seller, and enter your comments there. We use the Recurring Donation list to make sure your donation is correctly prorated over the specified time, and we will send you a Thank You email with your donation banner for your signature each month. We will manually add your donation to the Donations list and Goals.

Thank you, Moonies! You all rock!

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