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Welcome to the MoonGamers Community Forum!

Please observe the following rules in our community. Ignoring these rules will subject you to being put on moderation, suspension or removal from our forum.

No porn. This means no soft porn, no hard porn, and (sorry Boon) no midget porn.
No racism, anti-semitism, or any other -ism that is in any way discourteous to others.
No cursing/foul language.
Do not post links to videos that include violence, porn, people being hurt or killed. If it's on ebaum, it's probably not acceptable here.
No advertising of any kind. (There are rare exceptions but those would need to be approved by Core.)
No clan solicitation/recruiting.
No politics. This isn't a political forum. This includes links to the 911 videos, campaign issues, international relations, etc.
Do not flame other people, other races, other countries. This is an international community, please remember that many countries are represented in our membership.
Do not spam the forums. Make sure your posts are (mostly) useful.

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