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English: Team Speak rules

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#1 Enforcer

Posted 14 May 2005 - 03:34 PM

All Moongamers:

Due to some past and recent indiscretions within the Teamspeak channels, we have found the need to implement some guidelines on what is and what is not acceptable while on Teamspeak. Most of this should be a review with a couple of newer things thrown in for good measure.

So here are the guidelines now in effect for the Teamspeak channels:

1. Show respect for the players that are in the game. Many times, they are also in teamspeak and you may not realize it before it is too late.

2. If you have been drinking alcoholic beverages and are under the influence of said beverage (drunk), you should not get into teamspeak.

3. While in Teamspeak, the amount of obscene language must stop. Reminding players that cursing after every death is not necessary. I would suggest the "push to talk" option.

4. As much fun as it is to brag, refrain from talking about your sexual exploits. Graphic or otherwise just makes some people feel very uncomfortable.

5. There is to be no talk or discussion of illegal contraband (drugs), their usage, where to buy, what is the best..nothing of the sort.

6. There is to be no talk of software piracy, how to, where can I get.., etc. Moongamers does not support the usage of cracked software in any format.

7. Teamspeak will now be reserved for players age 13 and over. Any exception to that rule must be verified by the child's parent or guardian via email and teamspeak confirmation, preferrably by a Core Member. Until such time as confirmation is made, the player may not stay in teamspeak.

8. Guest1 accounts will not be acceptable for gameplay.

9. No recording.

Let's follow the guidelines as given. When we as players violate one of the aforementioned guidelines, a kick will be issued from teamspeak. If the violation continues, or a player just doesn't conform to what is expected from the them, they will find themselves banned from teamspeak altogether.


#2 Lin

Posted 10 October 2005 - 08:14 AM

This came under discussion in the Core meeting last night.

TeamSpeak is not a nunnery. We anticipate some cursing (especially in the new BF2 channels ;) ) and some cursing will be expected. It is the excessive cursing that will come under our attention, and those players will be asked to tone it down.

So let your hair down and relax a little!

#3 Monkey

Posted 23 May 2008 - 08:18 PM

Also talking about or saying you are going to another server and you name the server is cause for a kick and/or ban from TeamSpeak. Playing on other servers while on our TeamSpeak is also frowned upon.

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