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Complete Restart

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#1 Randigar

Posted 03 February 2014 - 12:08 AM

Seeing as MG can't play nice with each other and since there is a new version with AI I would recommend a complete server start over as a few of us definately have a advantage over others as far as cash in game goes where as others are struggling to survive yes this will wipe out my 100 briefcases as well as someone elses but it will be a fair start since we only want to shoot each other now it seems. This is just a recommendation lets see who has what it takes without all the money stashed all over the map lol

#2 LeadPaint

Posted 03 February 2014 - 12:15 AM

Heh.. not opposed.. but this would probably hurt me the least. I had mentioned it once before to Silver.. but I rather like the feeling of the game at the start. I don't really see much traction on this though..

#3 Randigar

Posted 03 February 2014 - 01:54 AM

I agree with you I just see the end effects of this baby like actions going on will not mention names I have watched this server to being pretty good with lots of people on to just myself all day now this pvp server is where we are going to get new people for our community. not the pve as it is not open to the general public I know I have personally flew out to help new people in the server and have equipped everyone from MG with a suv and gold so they can have a decent start to the game and have done nothing but help even giving away a copy of the game I purchased myself to a fellow Moonie. All I want is for this to be a fun and entertaining game the egos are killing the server off now we have 4 new guys that play daily and I personally walked them all through how to play on ts and I am worried they will now leave as well.

#4 Enforcer

Posted 03 February 2014 - 08:59 AM

Moonies are playing very well together. Those that left did so for their own reasons with the main one being, they can't have everything they want right at this very moment. You know coming from BF3, that Moon does not and has never done anything quickly. There is always discussion before things are done. The players that are playing elsewhere now, could not wait until we had the admin tool that WE wanted in place, another former Moongamer decided to recruit from this player base to another game offered, of the same genre, was told to cease and desist and did not. Another person told us that since we cannot offer a stable, glitch free environment, he was not willing to play on this server any longer. I think that was over AI spawning right next to him and doing something to his property. So, MGers can get along fine but those that want it all, and they want it right now decided Moon moves too slowly for their style of play.

Hey, I get it, helicopter hunting and building can take you only so far and then what. We are working on the what but, we are not going to just put stuff on until it has been tested. The players you have in mind were not willing for the most part to test, instead wanting to build their stuff and get ready for the onslaught. Didn't want to be caught off guard and all. Some built in the wrong areas and then found the error in that. And then when this or that wasn't spawned in, or I want this helicopter or this vehicle, or this piece of script or that new mod, or missions, or events, or admin tools...and that wasn't provided the day of the request and we heard, "Well, so and so has it." If so and so is willing to just throw it on, that is so and so's decision, your teammates left you high and dry.

I have more but, it'll have to wait. As far as a clean slate start over fine with me..but, then, I don't have hours invested in stuff on that game.

#5 Irish_Trunks

Posted 03 February 2014 - 09:42 AM

Honestly, I'd say there's no reason to restart. Those with an advantage only have an advantage in money and certain weapons. The rate of dying has grown a lot with the inclusion of this AI, so being much more careful is now necessary. As far as money goes, I'm not really afraid of someone out there with a bunch of satchel charges. Those are geared for stationary targets and bases, both of which I lack. Those with the money for said satchel have bases set up, so it's really a catch 22. I honestly don't see an advantage over those who are bandits and lack bases. I have a few safes set up with supplies and backup weapons and I like my setup. I'd be a little annoyed to hafta start over on that, sure, but really I don't think it's necessary to start over. I'd certainly recommend for those with great bases to have safes set up in hidden areas for the worst that just may come. But if, say, a hero has 50 briefcases and 10x the supplies at his base and a bandit have a few safes with supplies for a respawn, where's the advantage?

So yeah, I'd say to just plan ahead and adapt to the game as its changed. We've already started over once and I'd like to avoid needing to start over when a very large chance occurs with updates.

#6 Enforcer

Posted 03 February 2014 - 11:42 AM

In the end, I would think most would have to vote to clean the slate anyway. So, for those that play the server, what is your say? If most of the responses are for a wipe, then it certainly could be considered. If most are against a wipe, well the majority I guess may take the day.

If your worried about the bases that are already there, with a maintenance routine in place, they would disappear soon enough if those players do not come back to the server and maintain what they have built.

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