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Serious diversity issue

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#1 JiKeidan

Posted 18 October 2013 - 09:42 PM

Please understand that while I write this post, slandering another's nation or party affiliates is not any intention of mine. Though often, far too often, ignorance leads individuals (myself included) to say abrupt misspoken things of another, it is my belief that those misconceptions can often be cured by understanding where another is coming from.

Whilst abiding by the rules in the Moongamers DOD server, I was not asked, but instead abruptly and rudely demanded to not speak of those things or I would be banned...

I have been a member of moongamers for far too long to risk such a thing happening, so I left the server and am now here asking that such occurrences desist. My method of employing my knowledge regarding such conversations is not in any way offensive, nor insulting, but the particular admin involved in this was.

I do not provoke any such outrage from players of any type, but merely provoke thought through well organized series' of questions that frankly, need asking. To end such political outrage, people can not rely solely on the media as sources of information, but it is by the people and their knowledge that we gain actual truth. When has this ever been wrong? And why has Tweak taken such offense, baseless, towards me?

Are we not each accountable for our own responses, accountable for our own actions, outbursts?... Why is it deemed that the man introducing knowledge and intelligence into a realm based on the second World War - a war of prejudice, a war against dictatorship - is the cause of the problem, instead of the solution?

We are all here to play games... I get that, but conversation will happen. I am to sit back and listen to mindless dribble because that is all that is allowed at moongamers?

Not the server I remember years ago.

#2 Warrior124

Posted 18 October 2013 - 09:55 PM

Hey JiKeidan. Thank you for your post. The reason we have a rule stating not to have political discussions is because for one it can produce heated arguments. Second, please remember the game you're playing is simply that. A game. Not a place to have certain discussions, but a game to play and have fun. Not everyone likes to play on a server discussing certain issues not relevant to the game. Thank you again for your post. When I play DoD:S again soon I'll look forward to see you in game. :)

#3 Lin

Posted 25 October 2013 - 12:50 PM

I would not call this a "serious diversity issue", more like an "I wanted to share my opinions but wasn't allowed to" issue.

Historically, we try to keep our games fun. This means that we do not allow lengthy, serious conversations about political, religious, cultural or otherwise beliefs to interfere with the gaming experience of those who come here to play. While we have always allowed brief, light comments, we feel that deeper, more meaningful conversations should not be held in game, but rather here, in the forum. People don't join servers for meaningful social discussion, they join servers to leave behind the stresses of the day, to kill time, or to vent. They come to have fun, and yes, to socialize. But, if you're busy typing responses or holding the "talk" button, you can't play, and playing is the primary reason they're here.

In the alternative, deep discussion will also not only prevent people from playing, but it can suck the fun out of the game by causing people to get upset at each other, or at any one person in particular who may be trying to force their belief system on the players in the server. Overall...a game server is not the place for that type of atmosphere.

As far as the admin warning...we try to warn politely...at first. If the person doesn't comply with the initial warnings then we will escalate our responses until we are heard by the offending player. You likely missed the first warning or two, and Tweek had to escalate in order to get your attention.

I reviewed the rules as posted in the server, and I see they do not reflect our views on this issue. I will update the rules but please remember that even if you do not see a rule for something, the admins have been trained to admin the servers in the manner in which we wish them to be adminned. If an admin makes a request, please follow it. They have the best interests of keeping the server fun at the heart of their requests.

Thank you.

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