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FF-On Discussion

- No spamming
- No TK (flaming) of persons or countries; keep discussion civil
- No hijacking; please stay on topic
- Recognize when you will not convince others of your opinion and let it go
- Post in the Off Topic sticky thread in order to obtain access privileges to this forum.

Please understand that members will be posting their opinions. You will not always agree with those opinions and they may often make you angry. Realize that you will not likely change anyone's opinion. Know when to walk away and not post in anger in response to someone's opinion. Do not ask for removal of a discussion member simply because they make you angry. This is a forum for opinions and the difference in opinions will be vast.

Above all, don't let someone's opinion of issues change your friendship with them. Remember this is a gaming community and we have become friends through our similarities, not our differences. Your friends haven't changed at all, we are just learning more about each other through this forum. :)


How to Donate

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