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Reinstalling BF1942 in 2018.

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#1 Lin

Posted 16 October 2018 - 10:16 PM

This conversation occurred in the Shoutbox. I am placing it here to help others who may have the same issues.


@  spitefulwretch     :Well got new computer tried for ever to load bf1942 looks like I'm done🙁
@  Captain Joh...     :Windows 10 is able to run '42. You might want to make a post in tech forum.
@  spitefulwretch     :Ran on Windows 10 update old system. This cyber power windows 10 won't load it.
@  spitefulwretch     :Bought external cd drive to load from original disks. It unpacks them but file is empty?
@  spitefulwretch     :Turned on direct x to
@  posi     :Abandonware is simpler then CD, I've yet to test this link but I'm %99 sure I know who is responsible for the upload. https://abandonwareg...attlefield-1942- If you insist on running CD , you will need to apply the EA patch before the gamespy patch. Sounds like your having some CD issues though and meeting someone in teamspeak might help.
@  spitefulwretch     :Thanks
@  posi     : When you lay down SW and RTR it will revert the gamespy host. Repatch with the gamespy patch to fix this. It is included in the package below.
@  spitefulwretch     :If I use suggested link will it load everything?
@  spitefulwretch     :You have been admin before I remember your name
@  spitefulwretch     :Do I need driver support download also?
@  posi     :no driver support or adware , just the d/l
@  posi     :and yes, I have been around a while..
@  spitefulwretch     :Miss the game tried by 1 very hard for me. To old and slow I guess
@  spitefulwretch     :Bf 1 I meant
@  spitefulwretch     :Game spy patch won't install booooo
@  posi     :I've never heard such a thing , manual instructions are pretty simple. Can you come to teamspeak? I'd like to inquire more details.
@  spitefulwretch     :I had to run it as administrator I think I've got it.
@  posi     :Manual Instructions for gamespy - Go to %WINDIR%\System32\drivers\etc\ Open hosts with an editor like Notepad. Add the line master.gamespy.com and save the file.
@  posi     :Good deal , please return with an - Tested and Playing report. That .net link will be the new 'tested' referral. I had already d/l and scanned it , just not installed.
@  spitefulwretch     :I've never done that. How do I go about that?
@  posi     : I mean , let me know when your in game sir.
@  posi     : or teamspeak.. , are you asking about teamspeak ?
@  spitefulwretch     :Oh I am in one now. Looks little different but great
@  spitefulwretch     :In a game
@  posi     : That is the HD version , I mean anything after using the gamespy patch is HD version because it allow up to 4k if your monitor supports. Might be some texture updates in that version too. Not sure.
@  spitefulwretch     :You would not believe how much time I spent trying to load this game. Really thanks alot
@  posi     :You're quite welcome
@  posi     :Lets not use shoutbox for other server I.P eh , Gametracker or the server browser list them all
@  spitefulwretch     :Ah ok

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#2 mistamontiel

Posted 24 October 2018 - 06:25 PM

For me was the very same process in fact 10 is closer to XP than Vista/7 ever was! No compat modes all mods run terrific and without the need for trashy 98 mode!

..except my v1.0s my red discs now are unreadable >.< So I merrily used my WWII Anthology pack and all perfect sailing then the v1.61 patch the nocd crack then SiMPLE's BF1942.exe to have all the resolutions selectable inmenu

EDIT: Adding to hosts file seems to scare many. But SiMPLE's BF1942.exe also doubles as masterserver redirect!

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#3 WoollyBear

Posted 24 February 2019 - 01:29 AM

I have a Lenovo Thinkcentre 93p with 16 GB Ram and Intel HD graphics 4600, SSD hard drive and Windows 10.


Installed the Deluxe BF 1942 which includes standard and Road to Rome. Added SW and rebooted. Tried with and without Game Spy.


I click the icon and nothing happens. Tried as admin and every compatibility option to no avail. 

#4 posi

Posted 24 February 2019 - 02:39 AM

Enable Direct Play 




#5 WoollyBear

Posted 24 February 2019 - 02:10 PM

Thank, Posi did that first thing, though.

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