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Moon Servers

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#1 Enforcer

Posted 13 July 2004 - 08:27 AM

For all those that are regular players of the Moon servers, give us some feedback on how you got here, why you stayed and what do you like most/least about the server, its rules, the admins..

If this seems to be opening a huge bitch session, well, if there are things that we can do better, I would like to know about them.

My story: I got this game back in June 2003, on the advice of one of my wife's coworkers. He said it was a pretty good game and won some award for best game of the year or something. I got it, played one person for a while and started to get online for a bit. I found I really liked the Omaha Beach map as it was non stop action as soon as you spawned, you had better be moving. Plus, I like the TDM format better because I hated going from map to map to map. And I really don't like maps like Berlin, where one side can get pinned up in a corner. Great if you are the pinner, not so much fun for the pinee. So, I ended up on Moders for almost six months. Great times, but ended up disagreeing with the management. Along with some others, started the Moon server in February 2004 with the second coming online when BFV came out. After being totally disappointed in the turnout for BFV, the MOD Desert Combat was put on with some success, to where there is a small following of regular players now on the TDM Desert Combat Omaha Beach.

Some say, the Moon servers are "over adminned", too many rules that take away from the fun. My response is that it only takes the fun away from the players that are doing things that take the fun from the other 31 players online with them. The players whose game is to screw with other people instead of actually playing the game EA intended them to play. Online adds a new dimension to the game, in that you can fuq with the other people online and that then, becomes your game. I, for one, have never liked "that" game, nor players who play "that" game.

#2 Lin

Posted 13 July 2004 - 08:35 AM

Once upon a time...

Ok, you wanna know? I had pneumonia in May 2003, out of work for two weeks, the sickest I have ever been in my life. Hub took a few days off to help care for me, got bored quick (this was right before he started work on the "Redhead", 1947 International pickup restoration), and went out to buy two games. One was RTCW, Return To Castle Wolfenstein...this because it was Wolf3D that started us in gaming and he thought it would be good. I started to play RTCW. The other game was recommended to him by some fellas at work, BF1942, and they would play on a private server, just the four of them against bots or something...I really can't remember. He needed my help to get it going, and I watched him play. We had just built our new computer in March-April, and these were the first two updated games we had gotten in years.

Anyhoo, watched him play it and it look good! I have always loved FPS (First Person Shooters)... Wolf3d, Blaze Stone, Doom, Quake, MDK, Unreal, etc. Now BF1942 added a twist...real people, since we had never played online before! Woo hoo!! I quickly learned I was keyboard deficient, and it didn't take long to set up a joystick on the game, which I was able to play. Went on one night and played against hub's friends, then started exploring the vast world of Multiplayer. I was instantly hooked, but didn't like a lot of the maps very much. Then one night a server rotated to Omaha, and it was instant love! Linear, instant action, you didn't have to run for miles to find someone to kill. I liked the small size mostly because of that. Absolutely HATED when the map would rotate to the next, so would then dump from the server and find another Omaha map to play. Got REAL tired of this, until one night I ended up on a server where I just kept playing and the map didn't rotate. HUH??? Tickets are going UP??? It was instant love with Moders, and I got frustrated as hell when I couldn't get in, but there were still four slots showing. Refresh, refresh, refresh...until one night I met Chicken, AIMed him after a game, and he gave me the password. Never played anywhere else after that unless Moders ran a different map.

Like Steve, the time came to leave. He approached me about starting a new server and I agreed, so he and I and started Moon, and a few of the others joined before too long. Steve already went into Moon's brief history so I won't repeat more here. It's my home, I am still hooked on the game and the people, and play every night (almost).

I wuv you guys!! :wub:

#3 Why Two Kay

Posted 13 July 2004 - 09:41 AM

I discovered my computer really couldn't load up the maps all that quickly. So I was getting really sick of the places that each round only lasts 10 minutes, and then I spent 5 of it loading a map. So I looked for a place that played a single map for 24/7. Omaha seemed the most popular, so I popped into a server.

I landed at Moder's Omaha Beach. But I kept getting a password screen, and I didn't understand why. So I looked for another server, and I landed at Moon. I liked the people, and they invited me into TeamSpeak and the Forum. Oh did they not know what they were getting themselves into.

So I've been here since Day 19, March 5 '04.

#4 Husky72

Posted 13 July 2004 - 09:57 AM

Well it all started for me back in 1976 when I was a wee lad and my gramps gave me a toy gun for Christmas... Forward to today and I'm a Sr. Admin on the Moon.

How's that for a story? Not good... oh.. well anyway

I bought the game back in Jan. 2003 after also being away from work for a week while suffering from strep throat. I played a lot of noob EA servers but was particularly drawn to the ones that rotated only Omaha Beach. I believe it was EA # 7 and #11 actually.

Those EA servers were only Conquest maps back then and it didn't take long before most of the players playing figured out all it took was 2 Axis tanks on the beach and sinking the ship and the game was pretty much over from the start. Then I stumbled upon Moder's. It was TDM and addictive as hell, there went my precious sleep pattern and ever seeing my g.f. again. Plus the fact that everyone on there seemed to be pwning my ass each time I came on. Needless to say I stayed at Moder's and started to get friendly with the locals. I went through a couple of name changes over time and actually helped initiate and school a few of the pwning regulars that we still have on Moon, BUGS and Moders.

But, in Feb. most of us know what happened at Moder's. My heart was split down the middle. I loved playing at Moder's but there were 1 or 2 players I just didn't get a long with and it wasn't making the game as fun as it once was. I decided to take a bit of a break from the game and watch what unfolded. I made the decision to come to the Moon after seeing the reactions to the split and some of the unfortunate personal attacks that followed.

I still like playing at Moder's occasionaly because there are still people that are cool there and don't always play with such attitude and hold grudges. I also like playing at BUGS with our Euro friends but my ping is just a bit too high to pwn them properly <lol>.

So here I am at the Moon. A great bunch of people that are friendly and for 98% of them like to play the game just for fun and not take themselves and the game so seriously. This is my home until the lights go out or I'm kicked out by mom and dad for pwning at the Axis base a few too many times.

P.S.Yikes, maybe there should be an imposed word limit on my posts. Damn I wouldn't do well as an Editor.

#5 LeadPoison

Posted 13 July 2004 - 10:12 AM

Well, I bought the game the first day it came out, played the beta, played the demo. Loved the fact of a seemless integration of vehicles combat and FPS gameplay. Surfing through the servers one day and found moder's. He had just got it started @ his work and was trying out the different maps. I really liked playing with him, kahn, ww333, chicken, m, kk, and all the rest at the beginning. I got bored of the same map and wanted to see what else was out there. This is around the time bfstats came out btw. I started playing alot at the hpsf denver server, eventually joined their clan and played in CAL. I got a ton of tips on how to fly, tank, cap flags, play as a team, make stat runs, ect. Got tired of having to play certain times of the week, most of which I couldn't make because of work or school and came back to the omaha servers. Found moon, I actually thought it was the old "mooners sniper only server" if anyone remembers that. I really liked playing with lin and the rest of the crew, and enjoyed the integration of a forum and the website. I still play moders, try to play bugs but cant keep a good ping and of course I like playing moon. And I agree with husky, 98% of the people are great but a few take it way too seriously. I will leave the 2% unnamed. <_<

#6 Jack

Posted 13 July 2004 - 10:23 AM

Mom meets dad. Package enters the depot. Swimmers meet egg. Egg = Bubbles.

I got into the game shortly after it came out. BTW, I also take full responsibility for getting Comet and Awol involved. I'm really, really, really sorry for that because you know how they can pwn those beaches.

As with most of you, I started on the crappy EA servers at first. One day we came upon the server where a lot of us first met. I liked the map. I liked the server. I also saw how TDM was a very good thing since you could kill for hours and then kill some more all over again. Killing is good. Back then I was Psalm 23, for those of you who may recall me.

It was fun playing there. Moder was on all the time back then and so where many other current and past regs. As time went on, things got worse for me on that server. Most of you know the details of what happened so I am not going there. I took things to heart and I did not play the game from before Christmas of last year until March of this year. That is how pissed of I was with what happened.

Anyways, a certain Server Pixie, worked her charm and I started to play again. I have loved it ever since. The atmosphere here is great. Boneheads are put in their place quickly or eliminated if need be. That is why I am happy to do what I do and donate what I can. This really is a great server with a great bunch of people, Sens fans, Pixies, action figures, and rodents.

The end.......or is it

#7 Enforcer

Posted 13 July 2004 - 10:41 AM

Remember people, this is a history thread not a bash thread. Change the names to keep them anonymous. I was just curious to see how we all got here, to this spot in time, playing on this server, and now posting on this board.

#8 kaiserD

Posted 13 July 2004 - 10:43 AM

I'm pretty much the same story as most of you. I remember getting the demo of BF42 from a friend and after i learned how to drive a tank, i was instantly hooked. i think the demo level was tobruk - i must have played that for a week before finally getting off my lazy butt and buying the game. i played single player for a while, realized it was just way too easy, and started surfing the multiplayer servers. this was at the beginning of summer last year, as i had much time to play because of no school. i found moders, liked the omaha level and the idea of TDM. i played on moders a lot over the summer and fall/winter 2003. then, back in february when we know what happened, i got pissed and left the game for about 4 weeks. (pretty much the same as husky). then i found moon, have been playing here ever since. very fun server, already knew some of the people from moders. got to know the admins and regs, got voted as a reg, then approached by lin to be an admin for the DC server. i agreed and about a week later became admin for the primary server. :-D

that my story and im stickin' to it! :P

#9 bbb

Posted 13 July 2004 - 11:01 AM

i got(not bought) my game when it first came out, but at the time i was unable to play online, so played plenty of single player! after a month or two of that, it got pretty old, so i quit BF.
in february, i bought BF and the next day i started searching for a server to play!
i landed mostly on EA servers, and got so sick and tired of having to leave when i got smacktarded to death, and also i was sick of the game rotating into maps i don't like. eventually, i saw some servers that were TDM, so i hopped into moders and had a go at it, i had lots of fun, besides some people with atitude that were bothering me a lot.
The next day i tried another TDM, Moon! i played and found that admins were activly present and there was a complete lack of smacktards, i thought i had found my home! but then........ i saw two or three people run around the side of the cliff(going to shank beach), so i ran there too, and shot them all! a few seconds later i was kicked. :lol:

but after a day or two of learning, i knew that this was the server for me! :ban:
blah blah blah DC admin blah blah blah Reg. :-D

#10 Comet

Posted 13 July 2004 - 06:02 PM

I had just recently purchased a new computer when Bubbles told me about BF1942. We bought it and started playing.... soon I realized my new computer wasn't set up for gaming. I enjoyed the game so much I immediately spent another $500.00 in upgrades and built up a decent little puter.
For the first little while I honed my skills against AI, then I went online and began sifting through various servers looking for one I liked. Jack recommended Moders so I checked it out, the map was constant and a rare TDM at that. It wasn't long before I was hooked on Omaha TDM, the smaller fast paced map with quick spawn times was exactly what I was looking for.

The natural progression of the game lead me to TS and that opened up a whole new atmosphere. I'll never forget the first time I was on TS, I was greeted by a :pix: Lin who helped me set up and register. Lin's pleasant voice and even more pleasant demeanor attracted me to the server....thank you Lin. Soon I was chatting with my fellow players and developing friendships along the way. The people I liked to play with started up a new server called the MOON and I decided to tag along. I have been playing here ever since but still like to visit both Moders & Bugs now and then.

MoonGamers has become part of my daily routine. I am privileged to be a part of this community and I freely offer my time and donations as a way of saying thank you. I especially look forward to meeting some of you in Las Vegas in Sept. Please if you can, take some time off and join us in Vegas it's going to be a blast!

Moon ya later!


Posted 13 July 2004 - 06:39 PM

Well for me it started when I was reading a mag called PC Gamer about how this new great game called BF 1942 was coming out, and how you can control multiple vehicles and so on, well lets just fast forward to the day the demo dropped and so I downloaded it, and I was hooked for life. Just as I was begining to get tired of the game low and behold mods started to come forth and I found love again with BF 1942, well atleast new found hope for the game. I think now my EA folder is well over a gig of mods and maps, and I just cant stop myself from playing it. Actually I stopped playing Call of Duty to come back to BF 1942, which I must say that I'm still hooked on COD but just dont have the time for both games :cool1: especially when I'm between semesters of school and BFV.
I already know when Battlefield 2 comes out a whole new love will emerge for that game as well, can we say Tyrone Biggums :rofl: .

#12 Cosa Nostra

Posted 13 July 2004 - 07:25 PM

Well now as some of you know my wife and I take in Foster Kids,alot of inner city kids with alot of promblems. Having these teen boys around I found that in the winter months when they were all suspended from school , that they needed something to do. So off to the store I went I got a PS2 a XBox and a game cube for them. It was like a gift from heaven no fighting , they all had games and not one of them ever left thier room , just sit and played.
Than here comes a teen boy that I will call X he was found abandoned , in a vacant house with his mothers address tattoed on his chest (so the local authorities would be able locate her if he died). As time goes on I discovered that X likes DVD's like Saving Priv.Ryan and Band of Brothers.So back to the store I go to get BF 1942 , this way he learns history and has fun doing it . He was vary quick at the single player mode and asked if he could play online. We never let any of the kids have the internet , but online games what the hey he could get some more use out of the game. Than thats when i discovered what a admin was , it seemed he did not get much play time on the internet and all he seen was kicked from server.He could not read the server rules to play.So thats when I started playing first at wagoogee's than moders.Than one night moders was full and I seen Moongamers this is in late Feb.I go and play and this smacktared that was banned at wagoogees starts in on me.In no time Lin and dante take care of it,I emailed them both and have been here ever since.

#13 Sylfaen

Posted 13 July 2004 - 08:38 PM

lol, humanite i love COD to (can't wait for sequel) but wanted to play with friends on bf.

lin, do you still use a joystick to play??? How the heck do you use a joystick to play battlefield.

Sorry i never played on moders, could you tell me what you guys are talking about that made a lot of you quit the game for weeks? :huh:

#14 Dirty Kneed Hooker

Posted 13 July 2004 - 10:49 PM

i bought bf42 some time in march 2004 played single player for 5 mins and quickly to online.Since i had played Starcraft Online since it first came out later moveing to War Craft online i saw that bf42 would blow my mind away only took me 5mins of single player top see that. i had just bought a new computer sevral months b4 hand and i deeply enjoyed the maps changeing i get board rather easy so it allowed me to stay entertaind in the game. enjoying close and personal fights to just air to air this went on for about 2 weeks when i played single player O Beach one day while my dsl was down for repairs. that was the first time i played the map. once my dsl was up i quickly found the first server with Omaha beach on it. it kept changeing to some thing diffrent so i changed servers alot. the next day i saw wagooees 24hr server played that and started off full but after a while was empty so then i saw moons played that the rest of the day. and quickly told pinto and my other buddys about how much fun it was and the next day had them in. been here ever since that so when i got to moon i was 100% newb. i still am pretty newb but my skills improved greatly from getting my butt kicked so hard from great players lol. I enjoy moon very much once i discoved the ts part. i never saw any reason to play a diffrent server thx admin. :)

#15 Angel of Doom

Posted 14 July 2004 - 12:32 AM

I heard about the magic that was BF1942 from the internet. I dled the demo at a friends house, and was immediately hooked. Like kaiser, I learned to use the tank, and how to use the BAR. Pre-ordered the real version of the game at the nearest electronics store 30 minutes away. When the game finally came in and I went and picked it up, I installed it and double clicked the icon I had waited to double click for a LONG time. Everything was fine, until i got in-game. I thought it was odd that the sodiers were blue, and some missing graphics. MOTHER f*&KER!
Guess what Angel needed? A new graphics card. So I went to the same electronics store and bought one (had to order it) that day (another 30 minute drive) and eventually i got it all hoooked up. Finished setting it up around 12 am. Played until 12 am. the next day. Started off on Berlin, which is still one of my favorites. Then got into wake. Then, remembering the opening movie, ran a search for omaha. Found the jackpot: Moders. Came in to a group of people who were interested in exploring the boundaries of the game. I think it took a week for Moder and the others to begin Stunting. (the good ole' nade jump days) To this day I still remember every place you could run up a hill or spiral a tank off into the air. Of course then shanking came along. 3 weeks after having the game, computer went ka-put. Went back to the friends house who I had played the demo on (Sgt. Death) and installed BF. Played there for about a year. Took a break when it started gettin weird. (by weird I mean blowing off friends and family to run down to my friends house and play BF) Finally, 3-4 months later, got a new computer. Came back, and EVERYTHING had changed. Lots of new faces. Still, people seemed to be having a good time. I felt like a n00b, and acted accordingly, getting into scirmishes with a few players.*cough Nicotine cough* Finally woke up and started playing, and slowly worked my way up to where I am. :)

#16 kaiserD

Posted 14 July 2004 - 12:46 AM

refers to himself in the third person...just like in a book. *cough book cough* lol, good story angel! :D ;)

most of us seem to all have one thing in common - gotta love the map never changin'!

#17 Tim

Posted 14 July 2004 - 12:56 AM

Well, I have an XBox and Spiderman for XBox had come out. So I went to rent Spider man and found that they were all rented out. (This was when I was a console Junkie.) I had heard of how good Halo was so I decided to give that a rent. I reeaaallly got hooked and loved Halo so I went to buy it. I had seen on Google searches that there was a way to play online and so I had to try it out. It was through Gamespy Arcade and an XBox connection for Gamespy Arcade called XBox Tunnel.

I made alot of friends playing Halo on Gamespy Arcade's XBox Tunnel and kept playing, endlessly, Halo with them. Some of those online friends started playin PC games and I wished that I had a PC of my own capable of playin those kinda games. The most Popular was Counter Strike and Medal of Honor. I had also heard alot of Battlefield 1942 and its qualities. So, therefore, I had asked my dad to hook me up with a good PC since he is the BIGGEST Computer nerd I know. It amazes me of how much he knows about computers alone and even electronics altogether. My dad decided to build a PC for me so then he started.

My PC was finally built and I decided to try out a few games I had gotten for Christmas's and I think even Birthday's. I still wanted Battlefield and it's expansion Road to Rome because i had read and seen so much about them ever since I got into playing Halo online. I was also a big fan of Ghost Recon and playing it online therefore I got my AIM name.

Finally, last August, for my Birthday I had gotten what I most wanted... Battlefield 1942 and it's expansion!!! At that time I was still into Halo and had just gotten into modding XBox's and Halo. As I started playing Battlefield 1942 more and more, I got more out of interest in Halo. Soon I totally gave up playing Halo and playing it online with my online Halo buddies.

I played Battlefield alot as I do today and I finally realized that I needed a new graphics card so I'd enjoy the gameplay even more. I got the graphics card (NVidia Geforce FX 5900 Ultra) but only ran a bit better because the rest of my computer needed and still needs upgrading such as my Motherboard.

I played alot daily and got REAL good at flying and doing other things. A little while before this time I had figured out about mods and their qualities. My first mod downloaded was Galactic Conquest when it only had th Hoth map and was poorly done. I found that a mod called Desert Combat was waaay popular so I downloaded that and It beat Galactic Conquest's fun-factor by a mile or two, so I played DC just about every day.

I started to get more into original again and then got better in skill. Then soon enough I wanted to play the maps historically and try to think of the battles they are actually about as I played. The best map to do that was Omaha Beach because of how popular the battle was and how much I had already known about it. I didn't like when servers finally rotated off of it so I found others. I finally discovered Wagoogees Omaha Beach and played there for a while and played it's Low Gravity Omaha Beach. I got into liking Low Gravity and once Wagoogee's was full and I wanted to play it badly so I Filtered Omaha Beach knowing that a few servers were doing the Low Gravity thing. I saw Moon Omaha Beach in the filter and thinking it was a Low Gravity server I joined up. I found out when I was in game that it was just a name givin by the administators and was a bit upset when it wasn't what I wanted. I did continue playing because I saw that the Omaha Beach and the German Garrison flags were Uncaptureable. Then I noticed how high the tickets were and thought it was gonna take forever to finally finish one game. Then... WTF!?!? The tickets are goin up?!?!?! I decidied to give this server a few hours and see how far my Score would go up and then I realized my assualting skillz sucked against the people I didn't even know were "REGS" because I had no idea about this server. I remember Nathan Rule and Angel of Doom both in the first game I played at the Moon. Oh yeah and Lin!!! Everybody was talking about and to Lin. I at first thought, as do most people, that Lin was a guy, then I saw HER have to correct somebody else on her Gender. Then later on Lin just randomly said to me... "[FF]Tim you're pretty good. You should get onto TeamSpeak with us" I felt wanted and decided to keep on playing at this server. The first Month I had no voice in TeamSpeak. I gradually kept learning more and more how this Community came to be. You all are like Internet Family to me and I love you all so Much!!! Hehe... :wub:

Oh yeah!!! Here is my FIRST Score ever on this Server! Very Horrible...

Posted Image

Posted Image

#18 Vassilij Zaitsev

Posted 14 July 2004 - 05:26 AM

HEY FOLKS!! VASS here, just gonna give you a quick version of my trek in finding Moon Omaha. I like many others Bought the game, as it was reccommended by a friend. I sought it out in the store in July 2003, after going through review's and video clips on IGN.COM (INTERNET GAMING NATION). Just like Angel after i was satisfied, i headed to the nearest electronics store. Although my jont was 10 minutes instead of 30. I saw the game on the shelf wipped out the Debit card, and headed home very excited.

Tossed the game in installed it and came to realize my comp wasn't up to snuff, as it took 5 minutes to load into the maps. Tried the single player a little bit was impressed by the gameplay but disappointed by the graphics. A light went off in my head, and the next paycheque that came my way, I upgraded. I went from a 1.7 celeron 128mb 16mb vid card 15" crt to what I currently have.
P4 2.53/ghz
1024 Ram Kingston Performance 3200
128 Radeon
19" Samsung LCD.

I soon then discovered the game transformed from good to Addictive as F*ck. So months went by, and i dabbled in Bf, and Warcraft3 until one day..................... I came across a server that made me say WTF!??!??!!? tickets going up? As you guessed it was Moders, TDM Omaha. I spent a total of 3 trips to Moders around January 2004, before I found I was Banned. I was heartbroken. I couldn't figure out what good o'l Vassilij Zaitsev had done to warrent such a punishment. I went browsin and found the Moders website, sifted through a list of Admins, and their contact information and by a stroke of fate, picked Lins from the list. E-mailed her with my personal information, and to my surprise 30 seconds later she responded. CRAZY!!!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!??!?!?!? I thought WOW?!?! WTF, good luck must of caught Whomever at the right time, threw a few e-mail's back and fourth, and I was infromed by LIN that I was banned, and Their was nothing she could to to reinstate me, I asked why? and what I had done, and she told me another Vassilij had dome something dreadful, and thus I was banned by accident. Guilty by association right?????? so I gave up for a few weeks, and to my surprise and Joy, another TDM Omaha beach appeared on the server listings one day. I jumped in, and truly began honning my skills. Days past, and I learned of Teamspeak. I downloaded it, set it up to the server and jumped in. I listened for the TOTAL of 1 day, and then headed to Futureshop for a headset. Thus ends my story. I hope you enjoyed it. :D

#19 Enforcer

Posted 14 July 2004 - 08:09 AM

I love hearing of the stories of how we all ended up here. So different, but really not much. Found the game, dabbled in online stuff, found a TDM and never looked back. To me this is, like FF Tim said, more of a community around a game. It took the game to bring us together and all, but, now, I have friends through out the world, that I believe I can call on if I need to for help. It is fascinating, that in this time, such things could have happened.

Thanks for supporting the Moon Servers, and I look forward to killing each and every one of you later..on the beaches of Omaha.

It is also reassuring to hear that others have also upgraded their machines just for a $50 game. I ended up just buying a whole new one, it was time anyway. Course that was for Flight Simulator 2004, but who is keeping track.

#20 M.A.M.E. Gamer

Posted 14 July 2004 - 02:05 PM

I've been an online gaming junkie for several years now. I played Delta Force 2 online each day for over 3 years (the same several maps, Lost City, etc.). I was getting tired of the game, but I also wanted something with hotter graphics (DF2 was released in '99). So, I asked if anyone had seen any of the more recent military games that you could play like this online and which one would you recommend. BF1942 was their response. So, I took a look at it in the store and grabbed my copy. This was the middle of last year, so it was a little more than a year ago now.

When it came time to find a map and server, I went searching for Omaha Beach first. I like other maps, but I guess the "Saving Private Ryan" movie made an imprint on me, because that is the battle that I most often picture in my head when I think of that war. The TDM's in DF2 are different because you are playing on teams, rather than the opposite in DF2 "Deathmatch" (everybody is shooting everybody, no teams). I wanted to play on teams rather than have a free-for-all, so I searched for an Omaha Beach TDM. I found Moder's Omaha Beach Server and instantly loved the map. I also loved the fact that the game didn't end the entire time I was in the server playing. I understand now how rare that is, but I'm SO glad there are unlimited tickets. It's still one of my favorite attributes of this game - that you don't have to reload a map every 20 minutes or so. I managed to get kicked by Moder himself (back when he was playing BF still) on one of my first two days playing for nade spamming from the nade box in the top base nearest the long-ramp defgun. Of course, I was Brand Noob and didn't know what nade spamming was or that I shouldn't do it. Luckily when I reloaded the map, I wasnt banned and he explained that I shouldn't do that again. I didn't and immediately I had a daily gaming habit. Pretty soon I started spending 2, 3, 4 - even 5-6 hours playing in Moders and was accepted as a "Reg"ular player amongst the other regulars. That's where I met Lin, Boondock Saint, Enforcer, Dante, Nathan Rule, John The Killer, Warnog, Chicken, KK, Pitch78 and allllllll the rest. Then I migrated over here after the creation of the Moon servers. I still play at Moders somewhat regularly, but I mostly find myself hanging out on a Moon server. I love them both.

You guys are fun to play with and I appreciate and enjoy the opportunity to blow you up.

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