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Roaming AI

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#1 Blabuk

Posted 30 January 2019 - 09:28 PM

Can we please work on the roaming AI. They spawn too quick to any location and the distance is under 300 meters and you get no radio static since they spawn too close. This has made the game unplayable outside a shielded vehicle. I once loved running around an mozie to places and missions. Please adjust to make more playable.

#2 TomKnollRFV

Posted 01 February 2019 - 09:04 PM

I've quite literally now had AI spawn on my APC. Not next to it, I mean quite literally, on top of it, and slide off shooting.

I'm already at the point that I won't do missions unless I see Gem tower nearby, and I'll still do that in an armored vehicle and use the thermal scope. Having mission AI act like snipers with AK-47s is hard enough, having random AI spawn in melee range firing DMRs on full auto is simply unplayable. The sole purpose of a Radio is now group invites. Until it's fixed the natural method of game play is non existent. There is no 'run around to get equipment' when they just gun you down as they spawn on you. All the good cover in the world isn't useful when they spawn in your secure location, or behind it.

#3 Treleifin

Posted 09 February 2019 - 07:09 AM

I'm sorry that your skills are not up to par with our AI settings. I can try to set the spawn distance out further, however I will not make them easier for you, as far as what weapons they use or how they hunt players. Had you ever played on our Takistan server, you can tell the difference between actual deadly AI and not so deadly AI. Our Chernarus server is a walk in the park in comparison to Takistan. I've personally played on servers that are even worse than our hardest AI settings. In fact, we keep our settings on Chernarus quite low for the newer bambi players.


In my personal opinion, it is not supposed to be easy anyway. It is a war type of game with weapons and you build skill by being faster and more aware of your surroundings against the ai. Making it easier actually hurts you by not making you learn those skills. 


Like I said before, I agree with the ai spawning too close and I have looked in to it. They can be put out maybe 200 more feet, making it 500 feet away. I will work on getting it changed. As for the other settings though, I will leave them how they are. 


I really do hope that this solution is satisfactory and that you continue to game with us.



#4 TomKnollRFV

Posted 09 February 2019 - 12:40 PM

I don't care the AI can shoot well my self Trel. it's the fact AI in Arma 2 ignore terrain and most cover, and spawn on top of you. It's literally a situation of 'if you aren't in your armored vehicle' when they spawn like that, you get lit up and killed. Their current settings will let them spawn in your base. Thus why bother with a base? It's no longer safe if they do that and I'm sure it can and likely has happened. This was not the way AI behaved two years ago. The sole use of a radio now is group invites. Who ever tinkered with the server beyond Craig -really- broke AI.

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