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MoonGamers Community, the MoonGamers website, the Moon Forum and the web/forum/server admins do not take any responsibility for the players, the players names and the language used in game chat and/or the Moon forum. While we make every effort to make sure the game servers and forums are without offensive names and language we cannot guarantee visitors will not be exposed to this due to other visitors/players. We do not allow racist remarks and names. We do not support any political and or racist views. We do not support Nazi ideology. We do not ask you to register in any way with your personal information. If you provide personal information when registering on our forums you do so on your own responsibility. We do not sell and/or use emails used when registering with our forum for commercial use. We do not give out personal information on our registered users to third parties. We do not try to get personal data from your visits to the website, the forums and/or the gameservers and Teamspeak server. Minors who want to obtain a password for our passworded slots in the game server need their parents or legal guardians' permission. For Questions email [email protected]

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