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Launching DayZ Epoch in Steam

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#1 Lin

Posted 03 November 2014 - 11:39 AM

DayZ Commander and DayZ Launcher, while handy, are limited...and they may or may not be continued by the programmers, so it's probably best to just suck it up and learn to launch your game using Steam. Assuming you have already appropriately installed the game (that will be another thread), you can launch your game in Steam.

12/2/2014: Here is a link to DayZ Commander, just in case you need it. Commander will install and update your DayZ Epoch game. While I still strongly suggest using your Steam Favorites to launch, this is an alternate.
DayZ Launcher is another viable option, but it requires its own path (adding "launcher" in the path). If y'all want that link I can get it for you as well.
DayZ Commander msi

Setting up game parameters
- Start Steam
- In the large secondary menu (Store Library Community [YourName]), Click on Library
- Click on Games
- Right click on Arma2: Operation Arrowhead
- Choose Properties at the bottom of the list
- General tab, click on Set Launch Options

Here you can choose which parameters to run. I use:

-window -noPause -noLogs -nosplash

-window = I like to run in windowed mode so I can keep TeamSpeak open and see who is speaking. You can use additional parameters to set the window size:
-x=800 -y=600 (or whatever your screen size is to be)
-noPause = keeps the game from pausing at the loading screen (where you can hear, but you cannot see)
-noLogs = I'm not sure how this enhances your game, but it prevents client report logs from being populated
-nosplash = skips all of the intro movies and starts right into the game

If you only play at Moon Cherno, you can also set in the following:
-connect= -port=2302
However, be aware that this IP/port will override any server in your favorites list, and will connect you only to this server.

However, you can more easily control which server to go to using Steam Server Favorites.

A good explanation of other possible parameters can be found here:

Setting up server favorites
- Start Steam
- In the regular file menu (Steam View Friends Games Help) click on View, then Servers

There are two methods to add servers to Favorites:
Method 1: choose from list
With the Server list open:
- Click on Internet, make sure the server list is refreshed
- Sort alphabetically. The MoonGamers servers for Arma2 DayZ currently start with a dash, so it's "- MoonGamers..."
- Find the Moon server(s) you wish to add. Right click on the server name, and choose "Add server to favorites"

Method 2: direct entry
With the Server list open:
- Click on the Favorites tab
- Click on Add A Server
Add any of the following servers by IP:port (
__ Moon Chernarus PvE:
__ Moon Napf:
__ Moon Panthera:

For the dev server(s):
(info to come)

Connection methods
You can go through the Favorites menu and simply double click the server you wish to play in. However, if opening up the Favorites menu is too much trouble and you only play on one server, you can use the -connect and -port launch parameters listed above to set it to your favorite server, and launch directly from your Steam systray icon (click on the Steam systray icon, and there should be a menu of frequently played games).

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