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Ref; The Great Water Wars

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#1 TomKnollRFV

Posted 01 February 2019 - 10:04 PM

Alright I have no cunning name for this to be fair, but I'll post my idea.

The Great Race drew people in, and it was hilarious to listen to you all, so here is my idea for a more high octane adventure on the high seas.

I propose two man teams for this, as it makes it easy to drive and gun on an RHB. Which will be the player vehicle provided. Players will be teleported, as teams to the coast line where their vessel is, with no money, no map. Once every one is in position, the search for treasure vessels will begin. These will be randomly placed through out the water, there will be in total, in my mind, three. The kicker is you can engage each other when searching for them and to try and board them. Remember though..if you sink it..the loot is lost. Better be good at aiming.

Once you've secured the loot, you'll need to make a dash for land to unload it and relocate it to a location which will be determined if we approve this event. You'll need to find vehicles some where to do this. These may or may not even be fully functional when discovered. Only once you get to the admin approved delivery point is the cargo 'safe'. If you remain in the zone, do you want to try and ambush others? Then your vehicle will be left outside of the 'safe' area and up for grabs if you get whacked or ambushed.

I'll get with admins etc on this but I'll foot the bill for part of it. I already got ideas, so when Trel or whom ever might be saddled with the 'oversight' committee job is around I'll dig into what prizes etc.

So if you are interested, lets get teams drawn up.

#2 TomKnollRFV

Posted 04 February 2019 - 12:37 PM

I actually need an admin to confirm some thing for me on this..

Can they spawn the MK19 variant of the Patrol boat? If so, we can up the teams to 3 man teams...

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