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#1 Scoop1967 - Dan

Posted 17 November 2013 - 08:13 AM

BattleField 4 players must respect this basic rule of conduct set out by Moongamers:

Courtesy and Fair Play:

Please treat each other with a modicum of respect. This means no racial, anti-Semitic slurs or derogatory comments towards others. Be courteous to others and use fair play, it makes for a much better playing experience! Do not be a hindrance to your teammates (Don't shoot them in the head, Don't purposely block doorways, Don't be a smacktard, etc.)

Any rule breakers will be dealt with accordingly.
Repeated offenses could result in a ban.

Enemy Base Raping
This would fall under Courtesy and Fair play. Do NOT attack with armor/air vehicles in these areas. Infantry - Only allowed in to steal vehicles, but not allowed to camp for any length of time. This will allow players of that base to move freely without the threat of continually being attacked with in.

Admin impersonation:

Easy....don't. Impersonating an admin Whether saying you are in jest, or in any other way, will get you kicked without question. Don't joke around with this one. Gamers who have built-in Admins tags from other servers will need to create a new account to play here.

We do not allow advertising on Moon servers unless it has been authorized expressly and in writing by the Core advisory board. This includes but is not limited to clan, website, business, political or personal opinion advertising. This applies to the in game screen names, the signatures in the forums,and in game chat. Don't use public chat to communicate another server to meet or exchange website addresses. No advertising means no advertising.

Clan Recruiting/Solicitation:

Not allowed. This includes asking players for xfire, email, MSN, AIM, etc.


First offense (may) carry a minimum 30 day ban without option for release until time served. Any racism afterward will carry a lifetime ban. Racism is NOT tolerated at all. If you care to type that language in text, or use in any form of chat (voice or otherwise), you will take a vacation from Moongamers servers. Please, don't play around with this one if you care to play here!!

Mostly English:

Moon is happy to host players from all over the world; but since we are located in USA we ask our players to speak mostly English. Brief conversations in other languages are fine to greet each other and say Hello, but otherwise please use English as a courtesy to other players.

Chat/Voice/Radio Spam:

This is defined as monopolizing the in-game Chat/Voice/Radio with redundant questions or comments. This is a game, not a chatting channel. Please keep the tone to a casual level (no excessive profanity,vulgar, or harassing language). No political, religious, or sexual conversations. It is the wrong place to debate polemic topics or to contest admin decisions (we will listen and assess any concerns or complaints but only to a certain point and then the conversation must move to Team-speak or forums). Use forums or Team-speak, if you have a lot to talk about. Drawn out conversations will be viewed as disruptive to the game. You will be warned and kicked or banned, if you don't comply with admin requests to moderate your excessive use of chat.

Attacking on Team:

Please do NOT attack your team in any way, shape, or form. This includes taking advantage of the borders of each map to kill a team mate. Remember, even though this is just a game the people who plays it are real with real feelings. They are there to have fun as well, and when a member of there team continually kills them this can make them angry, and ruins the game for everyone.

If you have someone team killing you, please do not retaliate. Just get in touch with us by either coming into our forum, and posting about it, or a quicker method will be to find someone in our TeamSpeak 3 server (MoonTS.sytes.net), and letting someone know. If you retaliate, and are caught by an admin, you may be the one to get kicked/banned, instead. Especially if the admin on duty didn't see the first offenders actions before seeing yours.

Useful information:

Actions taken:

-We will try to warn whenever possible and give the offending party the opportunity to correct their actions. We consider a warning to be given at any time: on the way into the game or to you in the current or a prior game. We will not necessarily warn for each and every infraction.

-If corrective action is not taken by the player, the offending player will be kicked and/or banned.

-Admins reserve the right to kick, or ban without notice.
-Admins reserve the right to ask a player to cease any activity deemed detrimental to the health of each server (whether written or unwritten within the rules), and take action if the player refuses to comply.

Recourse/Contact with the community or Admins:

As mentioned previously, we welcome your feedback in game (up to a point), but much prefer that you join us in Team-speak ( Moonts.sytes.net ) and sign onto our forums. If you have some feedback (opinion, comment, complaint, grievance, or whatever form it may take) we want to hear it. Please use Team-speak if the matter requires immediate attention or the forums if you wish to ask any questions or talk about a subject more in depth. ALWAYS be polite and respectful or you may give others the wrong impression and get off on the wrong foot, which may hurt your position, even though you may be right. Yes, we make mistakes but are ready and willing to fix them and apologize for them.


IF YOU ARE FOUND ACTIVELY USING A GLITCH OR AN EXPLOIT (FOR ANY REASON) YOU WILL BE BANNED! This is in violation of the EA base rule set for all ranked servers.

We don't kick or ban without a reason and have a specific area of the forums where you may appeal a ban or find out more details about your ban.
BF4 Unban Request Forum
Please DO NOT post your unban request anywhere else. Also keep in mind that putting the server or the admins down or lying about the actual facts of a situation will not help your case.

Using the "My brother/cousin/uncle/friend/etc..." excuse will not excuse your ban. You are ultimately responsible for your account, and we cannot determine if what you are saying is true. So, please take great care in who has access to your account. Otherwise you may find you are banned, and we will not release the ban based on any of these excuses.

Moongamers reserves the right to change or adapt these rules at any time, and changes may be put into effect even before this web page is updated. Please ALWAYS follow the admins' recommendations and corrections of your actions to continue enjoying our server. Use Forums, Team-speak if you have any issues or feedback.

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