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To our Donors

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#1 Lin

Posted 10 September 2021 - 08:12 PM

Thank you will never be enough.


When there is more time, we will post an accounting so you all know where the money goes. All of the donations, 100% of them, go to server operations. There are no salaries here. We want you to see where the money is going.


Ideally, our goal right now is to establish an approximate $1000 "reserve", like a savings account, for the server. That will likely happen very slowly, but we need the reserve so that we are not scraping the bottom of the barrel each month and hoping the bills get paid. Keeping a reserve means we have one less thing to worry about, and can concentrate more on keeping the maps fresh, listening to the players, and managing the server. Right now, our goal incorporates a little extra in order to build that reserve up so that we do not have to panic each month, and so that the checking account we keep per Paypal requirements won't keep going into the red. Overdraft fees are not cheap.


Again, in case we haven't said it enough...thank you. You are the reason we can continue to offer BF1942 for everyone.

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