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#706871 We all have fun, why must we be bitter?

Posted by LeftMouseShoot? on 05 February 2017 - 10:59 AM

Im not entirely sure how long I have played here, I know I didn't have kids when I first started. We are all players here, countless hours of our lives we have chosen to play here. The Core has put in their time day in day out. When one has to take a break, others step up and continue it. Moongamers has done so much to keep this game, this community alive, it is sad to see how people take it for granted. It is extremely sad to see people who bitch that they don't like the way the server is watched over. Even though those same people pay for you to play here more often then not. It is depressing that people can so quickly become bitter when things don't go their way(don't worry I get upset too on occasion boo hoo for me). When people take for granted, the place they come to play, the TS** they are allowed to utilize to insult and completely be ignorant to the people who continue to keep this community afloat. I have choice words for you. Im 29 years old. I come here to relax and have fun, what about you? You might not completely agree with every little decision that is made, but you never take into account how many times things go your way. If you've played here as long as the Core, then you are an adult by now. You should know right from wrong, and know the server rules. It has been that long that you have seen people go down in flames for going against them. We have been here long enough to act like adults, and not have our friends cause a disturbance, long enough to know where to go when something happens to us in game. Start playing the game like we used too. Start remembering that without the Core, you would be playing with Bots, or 50 children who would rather constantly tk their teammates. Remember that when the weekend comes around you and your friends can jump into Moons TS and play together and chat together. Its a privilege to be a part of this community. Remember that. None of this was easy or free for the founders. They are still here, we are still here. Have fun.

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#708501 Please use your brains. Thanks in advance.

Posted by Angerfist on 30 June 2017 - 01:30 PM

It's pretty frustrating to see how the same players keep on killing the server population with the same stuff : baserape on low pop.


I guess that almost every player prefers a 15 vs 15 or even more over a 4 vs 4.


How can we build some population when there are 3 tanks and 2 planes raping the enemy main with a server population of 6 vs 6 ? Who likes to stay in the server when there is no other place to spawn and 5 enemy vehicles are killing you constantly 1 second after spawning ? Do you really need to get an ego boost by raping mains ? It's a damn game, why turn it into a beatdown which kills it ?


Almost everytime I join the server on low pop, I have to tag up and enforce the anti-camping rule. Would be quite nice if I wouldn't have to do that, would be nice if more players simply would show a tiny little bit of common sense once in a while. That's not too much asked.


Why do I even have to make that post, is it too hard for some to realize or do you simply do not care ? Are you realizing that your "style" of "gameplay" is killing the place you like to play on ?


And please don't come at me with statements like "Brunn with a medic gun is killing the pop" or "that invincible pilot is killing the fun". It's not the better players fault that others are not as good. No one is unbeatable. If you are getting killed by a player who is better / by a stronger vehicle on the "normal" battlefield (the areas outside of the mains), cope with it. That's the damn game. But sitting behind a spawn point in main with two tanks on a 5 vs 5 round gives you easy kills, but kills the server pop and keeps your skill level where it's atm. Go fight for flags but let the players have a chance to reach the battlefield. And raping mains (killing players with superior weapons 1 second after spawning) is not "payback", it's just cheap and simply cancerous for our server.


Same counts for the more skilled players on maps which can get capped out. Of course you can cap out Caen, Wake or Tobruk in 5 minutes, but every damn quick mapchange lowers the server population (again, is that so hard to realize?). Maybe it gives you an ego boost if you end the map quickly, but for the whole situation, it's the opposite of helpful.


I've said that a thousand times in the server, but mostly those braindead "lol"s are the only thing which comes back. A lot of players just do the opposite of what I say and laugh about it, somehow a very childlike reaction (don't know the psychological term). So before you post an answer or keep on doing the same shit on the server like you usually do, please switch your brain on, just for a second or two.


Would be nice if some people would understand my point. If not, enjoy your 6 vs 6 on primetime.

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#716758 Max

Posted by WarWizard on 09 December 2019 - 08:08 PM

Max has made a cameo appearance to see if the hip will take sitting for a long period of time. It felt pretty good without pain, so maybe I can get back and play like before. Thanks for the well wishes, getting old makes for a slow recovery, OH WELL THAT'S LIFE. :reap:  Not dead yet.

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#705490 Admin Recognition

Posted by Lin on 09 November 2016 - 10:04 PM

Thank you to the admin who has sacrificed his time consistently every Sunday for the last several years to host the expansion maps.

Thank you to the admin who backs up the server files in case of server failure.

Thank you to the admin who watches the server for idlers.

Thank you to the admin who babysits the server for days on end when we're being attacked, watching for and blocking the attackers.

Thank you to the admin who has worked on the server to add more toys for the boys.


If you know who this is, don't spoil it. Let the players try to take guesses. ;)

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#717174 My Normandy Visit in 2011

Posted by Wasabi® on 26 January 2020 - 11:37 PM

Link to pictures at the end. I couldn't find my old topic with all the photos in it, I think it got archived.  


This might be of interest to you WW2 buffs. In 2011, when I was in London for job training I took a weekend trip to France and arranged a private tour of the WW2 Memorial at Caen, Pointe du Hoc, Omaha Beach, and the American Cemetery. 


I wanted to go back last year for the 75th anniversary of D-Day, but alas, it didn't happen. This year is the 75th anniversary of the end of WW2 so I may head back there if time permits. 


The photos were taken with a crappy camera (worse than the selfie cam on a modern iPhone) so they aren't the best quality. 


The start is the Caen memorial (inside is a museum) and the remains of the artificial harbor used by the Allies to unload troops off the beach at Arromanches. There were some remains of old cannon batteries here also. 


The next part is the Normandy American Cemetery. This is a very haunting place, you can feel it in the air.


A few MG42 nests and a Sherman tank follow. 


Omaha Beach is next, there were quite a few MG nests and fortified structures like bunkers still remaining. 


The final part was Pointe du Hoc, which is still full of bomb craters. There are some bunkers still standing here too.





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#714581 Map Mods and Cheats / Hacks

Posted by Spare Parts on 19 February 2019 - 11:39 PM

I was once playing Wake and Jubilee shot me from El Alamein. 

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#704658 BS !!!!!!!!11!11!11!eleven

Posted by Angerfist on 08 October 2016 - 09:19 AM

Getting tired of the constant direct and indirect accusations. How come that people who play this since 10 years still don't get the physics of this game ?


"Smells hacky in here"


Last week, I had to bail out of my tank while fighting for a flag. A guy came around the corner, so I switched to pistol. He switched to expack (when did "switch to pistol" in close combat turned to "switch to nades / expacks" ???). I was able to shoot 4 bullets into his face before he could throw his lamepack. His comment : "It smells hacky in here". A big surprise that shooting 4 bullets is quicker than expacking. Thank god I have the quick pistol shoot hack. I don't. Just in case some brainiac doesn't get the joke. 


"How did you know I was there ?"


Maybe I simply saw you. Maybe you were too close to the wall, so your name tag was visible. Maybe I saw you earlier, but didn't attack you instantly. Maybe a teammate told me in gamechat or in Teamspeak. Maybe I simply didn't know that you were there, but I simply put a shell there because that's a common spot you were hiding in. In other words, there is a big chance that someone is in that certain spot. No magic involved. A skilled pilot uses the minimap and the different views constantly. They see a lot from up there, and, believe it or not, a lot of moves are very predictable. :afro:


One shot ? I had full health / my tank was at 100 %


Yes. One shot can be enough. One hit with the knife, one single headshot, one treadshot / shot in the back or side of a tank ----> boom. Dead. One shot. No magic involved. While tanking, you rarely can be sure that it was just one guy shooting at you. There can always be a second guy nading or shooting at you from another side too.


I shot a whole clip into him and nothing !!!


Very old game + huge ping differences. Spray and pray doesn't work that well. It's that simple. Hearing guys with low ping whining this way makes me laugh. If it happens to you with a 50 ping, imagine how it is with a 130 ping. 


He hit me while I was in the bunker !!!


A skilled pilot or a skilled tanker will bomb / shoot through the door or the other open areas. Period.


Right, killing a plane with a RIFLE !!!


When the damn plane is already damaged hard, you can finish it off with a bullet. If your K98 was the last weapon which hit the plane (aka taking away the last third of a bar), you will get the kill.


BSing after nading / expacking your feet, killing yourself but not the enemy


Seriously ? I mean you just threw explosives at your feet, don't be surprised when you kill yourself. If your enemy moves in a clever way, he'll get less damage than you. You just threw explosives at your own feet. Surprise, it hurts. Try the pistol. :smiley_369:


That sniper / pilot / whatever is BS! (quote from last night)


Why, because he is better than you ? "Nobody can be that good" ? How do you know that ? Please explain it to me. :confused-smiley-013:


"Now I know why I'm not good here. It's because of all the cheaters." (direct quote from last night)


In case you aren't just a random troll : maybe you're not good here because you simply aren't that good. Get good.  :wasnt-me:


It's no shame that others might be better than you. But that constant BS ! talk is. Keep in mind that people change their names. So, just because you don't know the player name, it doesn't mean that this guy is hacking. It's very often simply a known player using a different name.


And in general : the most hackers (over 90 % if I have to estimate) who get caught by us are not getting good kdrs and usually do not have any significant impact on how the round ends. Believe it or not.

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#710240 A History of Moon

Posted by Enforcer on 10 December 2017 - 01:57 AM



I gotta say, moving on into this new year and through this holiday season, I am so very pleased and humbled by this community.  I was told here recently that someone had posted something negatively about me in the forums.  I responded to the person that told me this, that I had not visited the forums in a very long time.  In fact, I did not even see the negative comment before an admin had hidden it.  I guess that does show the respect of the admin team for me and my role in the history of Moongamers.  So, I decided to come on back, try and remember my password (which I did after several failed attempts), and take a look around. 


Like your elementary school if you ever go back, it seems a bit smaller.  I remember a time when, man, there were hundreds of posts a day it seems.  Why do we have so many categories of forum stuff...well, there was a time when we needed that many categories, and believe me, I fought against every one of them, ask Lin.  Just too complicated I said.  Just too many places for a "founder" to visit.   The number of postings is down.  The number of people probably visiting the site is down.  The number of overall servers is down.  But, the spirit of what it means to be a Moongamer is still very much alive.


I saw that post where Lin was asking for donations as we had less than two hundred dollars in the paypal account to pay for stuff.  And then, all of a sudden, we have just short of eight hundred.  Well, that was great and it paid the bills for that month, but, remember, each month starts anew.  But, for people to come out of the woodwork and send in their hard earned cash, still to this day amazes me.  I mean, I sent in all those times because as a founder of the community, I felt I was obligated to.  If I did not, how could I ask anyone else to put in their money?  And again, some 14 years later, Lin asked and Moongamers received.  Just amazing.


So, I wanted to come on the forums and wish everyone all the best.  We, at Moongamers, have been in the business of offering computer online gaming since February 2004.  We have seen many ups and downs.  We have made friends and lost them.  Some have come, and some have gone.  There are people on these forums, that were young teenagers when they first found Moon and were probably a pain in the ass.  And now they are college educated, young adults, married with a kid and making it on their own.  And to think, we may have had a hand in "how" they were raised.  Not so much the rules of the house, so to speak, but, social interactions.  What is expected?  What is fairplay?  How should you conduct yourself in public.  What is acceptable and what is not?  And over the years the admin team here, were not afraid of calling it what it is, and taking the appropriate action.  Sometimes, that action was harsh and thought to be too much, sometimes it was not enough, but, considering we are all just a bunch of yahoos that like to game, and thought we could offer a good experience, I think we did a pretty decent job of it.


It was a stressful time, back in February 2004.  I can say, honestly, I lost sleep over what I was doing with the Core group and the others that made this leap of faith with me.  I look back on it and wonder if it was all worth it.  I have played so many games with Moongamers, there are just too many to mention.  So many nights..so many hours...  So, was it worth it?  Yea..I think it was.  I think we did a good thing here at Moongamers and have been for almost 14 years.  I could not have not done it without my partners, Dan and Lin.  Without you guys, this would not have been.  You don't see Dan around much anymore, but, he was integral in keeping this place going in the early years.  And Lin..what needs to be said.  She has been the face of Moongamers since its inception and continues to work tirelessly to keep Moongamers going.


For me, I am around still, here and there, most often in the Admiral's channel in teamspeak.  So, poke me if you want..just to say hello.  But, feeling a bit nostalgic and all..I just wanted to come back in and say,


Thanks.  Thanks for making Moongamers what it is.  A damn fine gaming community to belong to.  I am so very proud of what was accomplished such a long time ago.

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#706790 BF1942 LoopZook

Posted by BFJim2102 on 30 January 2017 - 11:50 PM

Me and my brother were playing on a lan server because we were bored, so we decided to see if we could get a loopzook on vid, and we succeeded. Tell me what you guys think of it! :D

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#715797 Josie's Sniping Montage

Posted by Josie on 29 July 2019 - 12:02 PM

I like to snipe. 
The Patriot's Benjamin Martin would say "Aim small; miss small" to teach his kids to shoot flintlock rifles, but weapons have come a long way since the American Revolutionary War.  Nowadays, aiming small can pay dividends  :sniper1: 

Hope the music works okay.  I kinda just shoved the three songs in - the lyrics to the first two songs seemed vaguely relevant.  
Probably best to view it in 1080p.
Hope you enjoy.

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#713356 40 Years

Posted by HARRY TRIGGER on 04 October 2018 - 07:58 PM

Just wanted to toss out there. Mrs Trigger and myself celebrated 40 years of marriage on Sept. 30th. We were married on Sept 30 1978. We have been blessed. She truly is my best friend.

Below is a picture from 1977, we dated for 1 1/2 years. The second picture fairly current.



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#709139 Donations

Posted by birney on 20 August 2017 - 12:21 PM

Hi peoples.
  Before you read on this is about donations, as we are very quickly running short of funds. Now before you click 'back' or go off and read something else on the grounds of  'been here before'  please don't.  Over the years I have put a couple of donation posts up. From 'we will close next week'  to the 'price of a burger and fries' This time though I have decided to go a different route and as such a large part of this post will be about 'me' and my time at moongamers.  I may share a few admin secret's within this post and if so..screw it!  As spock said "beam me up scott..."  No wait..wrong one its "the needs of the many outway the few"  This wont be a short read but please bear with me, there is method behind the madness. 
   I cant remember the date I joined Moongamers. Yes I know its in my profile and I can check but I have a habit of clicking the wrong thing and loosing stuff like this entire post(twice) lol  The very first time I joined Moonganers teamspeak I did not have a mic. I was unemployed and could not afford one.  Within a minute of joining I heard a female voice saying Hi. It was to me a late night sultry female  radio presenters voice. You know the ones "hello you lonely truckers out there"  It was music to my ear,it was brilliant.  I got to sit in Ts and hear these weird and wonderful accents, mainly american but generally from all over the world. Yet without a mic could not participate. Over the next two weeks I scrimped and saved and got myself a mic. O'k thats a lie I simply waited until my next benefit cheque than bought one.  Not working means you have plenty of time to do none work stuff.  In my case none work meant playing BF42 all day every day without a care in the world.  Back in the day we used to run omaha tdm 24/7 with the ticket count set at 2700 and ff off  This meant long long matches. Many hours of  trying to run the beach and failing miserabally.  Falling of the ship, sniped out a higgins boat, being defgunned or exposed at top of the ramps. Getting to the top of the ramp and finding a tank sitting there waiting for you.  Dropping nades at your feet simply to kill the player who was about to kill you. Being sniped, being run over by a jeep, being tea-bagged. Ticket count 2697, 2698, 2699. 2700. Win loose or draw no matter, re-start, respawn, go again.  Many many hours - nay weeks  -  of fun filled gaming.  All on the same server all at moongamers. I do however have some pride, I do have a ethos. I simply could not sit here playing for 10 hours a day and not try to give something back. The answer was simple,apply for admin. Having said that and looking back get a job,earn my daily crust than donate would have also sufficed. 
Tags within moon are not there simply for tags sake. They are not there to change the colour of a name in the forums to make the forums look colorful, they mean something.  My proudest moment tag wise was not admin, snr or even core. it was reg.  Being recognized for one reason or another by other players,by other regs,by other members of moongamers. We would all like our five mins of fame and being made reg felt like mine. As a admin I cant remember the first person I kicked, the first ban I placed or the the first cheater I caught. Sadly there has been many and goes with the territory alongside giving up much of your gameplay.    Over the past few months there has been a slight increase in posts about admin abuse. Bad kick, bad ban, bad map choice you know the ones. Our admins are players who give up there time their gameplay to hopefully make a better gaming experience for all. Some of our admins are a bit harsher than others, some may kick a little bit quicker than others. Some have great skill in planes or tanks. Some have even better skill at dying.  So please do me a favour,respect that and give them a friggin break once in a while. Four months or so after becoming a admin something weird happened,they asked me to become a Snr admin and a few years later Core, Ohh boy! Respect to others as humans must be given instantly. Yet what people say, do and input can lead to a lesser or higher degree of respect. I wont go into my time as a Snr/core as this is all ready turning into an epic. The 'founders' have all of my respect for moongamers in itself,and how long we have been here. it is something to be proud of. Yet two people have a tad higher respect for reasons that will remain my own. Lin and Section8. 
 Over the years I have played BF42, BF2, call of duty, day of defeat source, and Dayz all at Moongamers. With a topping of BF1918, BF3, team fortress and BF2142 thrown in for good measure.  2142 I hear you ask?  Yes I know if I click my heels three times I will wakeup in my own bed. Not this time as it was a real  game and at times keeps me awake at night. After the topping comes coffee, BF star wars, pirates, sheepville. and the oh so great santaland. Yet all these games we have offered, played and have fun in would have meant nothing without one very special component, people   It has always been my dream to come to the USA. In may this year I got to fulfil that dream.  i met Enforcer, I met Yet another corpse and I met the that late night sultry female radio presenters voice.that met me in TS ohh so many years ago, that offered me admin, snr and eventually core aka.Lin!,Now there is a class act.  We did not meet as sprites in a game or voices over TS. They did not try to shoot, nade, tank or tk me, we met as people. Any player I kicked or banned,,people. Any player or issue our admins deal with,people. You, me, us  them, him,her, people. .In my time here be it player,admin,Snr or core I have spoken to or interacted with many..


Lin,Comet,Enforcer,Terry,Warren,USHA, and my long time Snr running buddy Section8,  King of the squirrels,Twilight, Randigar, Captain miller,Posi, Angerfist,Harry trigger,Bullet(bs) Sagittari,Hornet,dodgem hammer, Gunner,Richard, There is no spoon, Redshirt,Escaped mental patient,Rapid fire,xdoublex,spare parts Christine and Coffee assassin(vegas baby!),people!!. Creamzor,Afternoon delight,,No guts no glory, Undead and his son. Evil Len and jojo,Goanna and family. Jon,Joker and Jason bourne.Some girl named cher,Red dragon and that old git smegga.. K8, Luose, Lyals, Lifer, Thomas is ii, Rubulator, Stryper,Solo,Order66,,Mattz and Xperimant4 off on her travels somewhere, and an eight year old girl called michalla who I kicked out of TS. These are off the top of my head and are a very small few.


  Yet these people this list,,is my list. Your list the people you have met may be shorter, longer or have differant peramiters.  Lost and lots of people. All from different games, different countries,different cultures with differant gaming styles, taste's, idea's and  opinions. Yet all one way or another came to the same place, Moongamers!  A hobby group,is typically a made up of people with a similar intrest. Be it a youth club, dance troupe, fishing club or gaming community, ours of course is games and gaming. The love of your hobby your intrest will keep you going at it for years. It is however the people you meet and talk to that will keep you going back for more and keep you going past your 'sell by' date. This older fart should have been out the door years ago, yet here I still am. Writing a post about donations simply because of the great people within. Every so often our funds get low, so low infact that we have to put up posts, reminders like this novel. While the games we offer have been the labour of love, and somtimes simply labour.over the years. We do not ask for donations simply so we can all play today and go away tomorrow. We ask so that next week, next month, next year we can all still be here irregardless of tag, as gamers ,as a group, as a community,as individuals.


As People,


Please donate!!


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#699921 2nd Zooking Montage

Posted by Lord of War on 09 January 2016 - 01:07 PM


Here is my second Zooking Montage video.

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#587778 Reputation?

Posted by mexican eskimo on 09 December 2009 - 11:37 PM

people can vote your posts if they think you wrote something inspiring or such. +1 rep
i hear there is a rep bandit that hands out free rep like candy.
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#568907 Welcome to our new board!

Posted by STRYPER on 09 August 2009 - 02:38 PM

The change in custom profile display was apparently a change in the 3.0 board. I know there is nothing we can do to fix it, we'll have to see what we can find whenever something becomes available.

I have not researched the Reputation thing, but it appears to be driven by how others vote on your topics/posts, lower right hand corner of the post.

I'm a member of another message board where reputation is heavily used so I can shed a little light on its advantages and disadvantages. Basically what you do is give positive "rep" to someone if they make a good, smart, funny post. You could also give someone negative rep if they break board rules, take something to far and insult someone personally, or are just being a plain jerk in their post. Negative rep happens rarely whereas positive rep happens all the time. Often times, there are limits to how many times you can give reputation within 24 hours so you don't go rep happy, as well as limitations on repping a certain person so you can't rep your friend while he reps you up to the max.

-It allows people to see who are the most popular and "witty" posters on the board
-It gives people the chance to really commend someone for making a very good point in a serious thread.
-It gives Birney the chance to fish slap Bullet as often as he wishes :D

-It can create a little bit of a hierarchy within the board... but then, so does post count
-People can misuse the negative rep causing more work for forum admins

Basically it's a small thing that could add a little bit more fun to the board but also a little bit more work as well. It probably works best in a forum system with no clear hierarchy. But since we have Regs/Admins/Sr.Admins/Core etc... reputation probably won't mean as much as it would on other forums.

I think it's a small risk, small reward proposition.
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#715837 Map Rotation Suggestions

Posted by CapnCackler on 09 August 2019 - 02:49 PM

Mod Market and Bocage to have the wreck of a burning Audi.


I have made up a rough draft!

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#710701 *NEW* Wednesday Secret Weapons Event

Posted by Captain John H. Miller on 21 January 2018 - 04:36 PM

Starting Wednesday January the 31st we will be starting a small weekly event of Secret Weapons. It will start at approximately 12AM PST / 3PM EST / 21:00 CET.

If you all would be so kind to spread the word, that would be greatly appreciated!




Be sure to have Secrect Weapons installed. If you don't have it, don't worry! You can download it for FREE! Check the link below and the installation instructions:


  •  Secret Weapons Download File => CLICK
  •  Installation Instructions on our Facebook => CLICK




Feel free to ask questions!





P.S. If you don't have Road to Rome for our RtR/SW Sunday, CLICK and use the same Installation Instructions as the SW download.

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#708069 Insane ramblings, conspiracy theories and general unhappiness

Posted by Spare Parts on 20 May 2017 - 11:50 AM

Here ya go buddy and you know who you are..... this place is just for you.

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#702909 Hackers - planes

Posted by Lin on 28 June 2016 - 10:08 PM

Thank you for bringing this to the forum instead of talking about it in game. All of the pilots you mention have been and continue to be on a watch list due to the number of complaints.


I would like to bring up some items for you to consider.


1. How did he know where I was?

- Many of the more experienced players learned about voip many years ago. They will often play with friends who are also on voip, who can and will clue in the pilot on where the "targets" (players, ships, tanks, etc) are located.

- Many experienced pilots know where targets often "hide" and will seek out all opportunities in known places.

- Some pilots run with their mini map in full, translucent view in order to be more aware of opportunities.

None of the above require the assistance from any hack.


2. How can he come down from 30,000 ft and know exactly where I am?

- Pilots are allergic to AA so they do everything they can to stay away from it, whether located on a stand-alone AA gun, a mounted browning, APC or tank fire. The more annoying pilots have learned how to "alt bomb", i.e., dive from incredible heights and hit their targets on the nose. They are especially annoying if they have perfected this technique. Others use "loop bomb" as another way to avoid being shot down.

None of the above techniques require the assistance from any hack.


3. How can he shoot me perfectly through that little door and kill me at a medic box?

- Bombing experience: they have made so many bombing runs they could knock the crest from a peacock.

- Trajectory: a bomb dropped at 45° angle will react differently (and go farther in a certain direction) than one dropped from a 90° angle.

- Game experience: they watch chat, they look for equipment that suddenly becomes vacated (or filled), they use their years of knowledge of the game to predict where the most likely targets will be.

None of the above requires the assistance from any hack.


I am a worse pilot than you and I still know this stuff. Perhaps it is because most of my BF1942 experience has been as an admin and I have been in TeamSpeak for many years with many, many experienced pilots. I have listened to them hunt, I have asked questions, and I have learned. While that doesn't mean I can duplicate what they do, it does mean that I know many things that look like hacks are actually knowledge, experience, skill. The majority of pilots I have known started out on the ground, learning the game like everyone else. They know what you know, and more.


You don't have to like it, you can certainly be pissed off by it, but the majority of the hacks I see being called these days are actually years of honing the skills. Yes, there are hackers out there and yes, that is why we still want you to post here. We catch them often, we just don't shout it out, but if you continue to see the same pilots, tankers, medpack humpers, circle snipers day after day in the game, it's because they are playing with the years of skills they built, and not by using hacks. The years that you and I put into this game may be the same, but the intensity of training was likely very different from what others have put in. I played this game every single day for many years, and never achieved what I have seen others achieve with ease. But, I also had a 40-60 hr/week job, and never had summers off, either. :)

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#701877 It's B-E-A Utiful

Posted by Captain John H. Miller on 20 April 2016 - 02:06 PM

Some times the stars align and the universe is with me:




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