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Battlefield 1942 + Mod Installation Instructions

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#1 Wasabi®

Posted 26 July 2020 - 10:44 AM

Battlefield 1942 + Expansions + Mods Downloads


Battlefield 1942 Installation Instructions:
1) Battlefield 1942 Main Game:
How to Install: Unzip and run bf1942-hd-setup.exe.

2) BF1942 Road to Rome / Secret Weapons Expansion Packs

Road to Rome ZIP: http://team-simple.o...oad_to_Rome.zip

Secret Weapons ZIPhttp://team-simple.o...ons_of_WWII.zip

How to InstallUnzip each .ZIP file and run setup.exe from the unzipped folders, one for RTR and another for SW.


3) BF1942 Gamespy Patch (you need this otherwise your in-game server list will not work!)

Gamespy Patch Download Link: https://www.mediafir...q5hmsu8eel/file

How to Install: Run the .exe once downloaded.


Mods / Maps Installation Instructions:


Desert Combat (0.7 + Final + Final Coop Minimod): 

1) Download and install Desert Combat 0.7

Installer Link: https://www.mediafir...v0l3xs9046/file


2) Download and install Desert Combat Final

Installer Link: https://www.mediafir...xpninleu4b/file


3) Download and install DC Final Coop Mod. 
This is a standalone mini-mod on top of DC Final that will add Coop to most of the DC maps (including Lost Village, Basrah Nights, etc)

Installer Link: http://www.mediafire...oop_Minimod.exe


Galactic Conquest (v8.2)

Version 8.2 Installer link: http://www.mediafire...nly%29.exe/file


Version 8.1 (for slower/older PCs): http://tinyurl.com/mvwlm6w


Forgotten Hope 0.7:


Installer links: 
Part 1 -> https://www.mediafir...opn737hyag/file

Part 2 -> https://www.mediafir...btdszegsq3/file

Part 3 -> https://www.mediafir...szx6rjtoo3/file 


How to Install: Run installers in order (part 1, part 2, then part 3)


Interstate 82 v1.81:

Installer link :http://www.mediafire...1.81-client.exe


Battlefield Pirates v1.0 (Final):

Installer link: https://www.mediafir...xy92tvpti5/file


MoonGamers Map Pack:

Installer link: http://www.mediafire...edfont.exe/file


This is a collection of CUSTOM maps that we have built up over the years. Please install this so that you can play on them on the Mods server.

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#2 posi

Posted 26 July 2020 - 10:48 PM

For the Custom Maps use this installer : http://www.mediafire...edfont.exe/file

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#3 Wasabi®

Posted 30 July 2020 - 08:57 AM

DC Final Coop Minimod


Additionally from DC 0.7/Final, be sure to install the DC Final Coop Minimod. This adds coop to many of the DC maps including Lost Village, Basrah Nights.


You will need this mini-mod to play these coop maps on the server. 



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#4 posi

Posted 31 July 2020 - 03:24 PM

Does a mod seem to alien to you?   


Galactic Conquest has a manual which details most of the assets.   



#5 Captain John H. Miller

Posted 01 August 2020 - 03:22 PM

bump for Bruh

#6 posi

Posted 02 August 2020 - 06:54 PM

  It has a manual   !    http://galacticconquest.rf.gd   


  A new website with a splash page , download links and updated info for assets is underway!  


  The game manual is linked at the moment with minor revisions.   It will help new players with Core functions of Galactic Conquest.   Like what the Shield does for Engineers and how to use it! 


  This website covers Galactic Conquest one of the featured mods on the new server!  

#7 Wasabi®

Posted Yesterday, 12:03 AM

Updated with vanilla / RTR/SW links as well. Put mediafire links for most of the files.

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