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#706871 We all have fun, why must we be bitter?

Posted by LeftMouseShoot? on 05 February 2017 - 10:59 AM

Im not entirely sure how long I have played here, I know I didn't have kids when I first started. We are all players here, countless hours of our lives we have chosen to play here. The Core has put in their time day in day out. When one has to take a break, others step up and continue it. Moongamers has done so much to keep this game, this community alive, it is sad to see how people take it for granted. It is extremely sad to see people who bitch that they don't like the way the server is watched over. Even though those same people pay for you to play here more often then not. It is depressing that people can so quickly become bitter when things don't go their way(don't worry I get upset too on occasion boo hoo for me). When people take for granted, the place they come to play, the TS** they are allowed to utilize to insult and completely be ignorant to the people who continue to keep this community afloat. I have choice words for you. Im 29 years old. I come here to relax and have fun, what about you? You might not completely agree with every little decision that is made, but you never take into account how many times things go your way. If you've played here as long as the Core, then you are an adult by now. You should know right from wrong, and know the server rules. It has been that long that you have seen people go down in flames for going against them. We have been here long enough to act like adults, and not have our friends cause a disturbance, long enough to know where to go when something happens to us in game. Start playing the game like we used too. Start remembering that without the Core, you would be playing with Bots, or 50 children who would rather constantly tk their teammates. Remember that when the weekend comes around you and your friends can jump into Moons TS and play together and chat together. Its a privilege to be a part of this community. Remember that. None of this was easy or free for the founders. They are still here, we are still here. Have fun.

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#705490 Admin Recognition

Posted by Lin on 09 November 2016 - 10:04 PM

Thank you to the admin who has sacrificed his time consistently every Sunday for the last several years to host the expansion maps.

Thank you to the admin who backs up the server files in case of server failure.

Thank you to the admin who watches the server for idlers.

Thank you to the admin who babysits the server for days on end when we're being attacked, watching for and blocking the attackers.

Thank you to the admin who has worked on the server to add more toys for the boys.


If you know who this is, don't spoil it. Let the players try to take guesses. ;)

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#704658 BS !!!!!!!!11!11!11!eleven

Posted by Angerfist on 08 October 2016 - 09:19 AM

Getting tired of the constant direct and indirect accusations. How come that people who play this since 10 years still don't get the physics of this game ?


"Smells hacky in here"


Last week, I had to bail out of my tank while fighting for a flag. A guy came around the corner, so I switched to pistol. He switched to expack (when did "switch to pistol" in close combat turned to "switch to nades / expacks" ???). I was able to shoot 4 bullets into his face before he could throw his lamepack. His comment : "It smells hacky in here". A big surprise that shooting 4 bullets is quicker than expacking. Thank god I have the quick pistol shoot hack. I don't. Just in case some brainiac doesn't get the joke. 


"How did you know I was there ?"


Maybe I simply saw you. Maybe you were too close to the wall, so your name tag was visible. Maybe I saw you earlier, but didn't attack you instantly. Maybe a teammate told me in gamechat or in Teamspeak. Maybe I simply didn't know that you were there, but I simply put a shell there because that's a common spot you were hiding in. In other words, there is a big chance that someone is in that certain spot. No magic involved. A skilled pilot uses the minimap and the different views constantly. They see a lot from up there, and, believe it or not, a lot of moves are very predictable. :afro:


One shot ? I had full health / my tank was at 100 %


Yes. One shot can be enough. One hit with the knife, one single headshot, one treadshot / shot in the back or side of a tank ----> boom. Dead. One shot. No magic involved. While tanking, you rarely can be sure that it was just one guy shooting at you. There can always be a second guy nading or shooting at you from another side too.


I shot a whole clip into him and nothing !!!


Very old game + huge ping differences. Spray and pray doesn't work that well. It's that simple. Hearing guys with low ping whining this way makes me laugh. If it happens to you with a 50 ping, imagine how it is with a 130 ping. 


He hit me while I was in the bunker !!!


A skilled pilot or a skilled tanker will bomb / shoot through the door or the other open areas. Period.


Right, killing a plane with a RIFLE !!!


When the damn plane is already damaged hard, you can finish it off with a bullet. If your K98 was the last weapon which hit the plane (aka taking away the last third of a bar), you will get the kill.


BSing after nading / expacking your feet, killing yourself but not the enemy


Seriously ? I mean you just threw explosives at your feet, don't be surprised when you kill yourself. If your enemy moves in a clever way, he'll get less damage than you. You just threw explosives at your own feet. Surprise, it hurts. Try the pistol. :smiley_369:


That sniper / pilot / whatever is BS! (quote from last night)


Why, because he is better than you ? "Nobody can be that good" ? How do you know that ? Please explain it to me. :confused-smiley-013:


"Now I know why I'm not good here. It's because of all the cheaters." (direct quote from last night)


In case you aren't just a random troll : maybe you're not good here because you simply aren't that good. Get good.  :wasnt-me:


It's no shame that others might be better than you. But that constant BS ! talk is. Keep in mind that people change their names. So, just because you don't know the player name, it doesn't mean that this guy is hacking. It's very often simply a known player using a different name.


And in general : the most hackers (over 90 % if I have to estimate) who get caught by us are not getting good kdrs and usually do not have any significant impact on how the round ends. Believe it or not.

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#706790 BF1942 LoopZook

Posted by BFJim2102 on 30 January 2017 - 11:50 PM

Me and my brother were playing on a lan server because we were bored, so we decided to see if we could get a loopzook on vid, and we succeeded. Tell me what you guys think of it! :D

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#699921 2nd Zooking Montage

Posted by Lord of ZoW on 09 January 2016 - 01:07 PM


Here is my second Zooking Montage video.

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#587778 Reputation?

Posted by mexican eskimo on 09 December 2009 - 11:37 PM

people can vote your posts if they think you wrote something inspiring or such. +1 rep
i hear there is a rep bandit that hands out free rep like candy.
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#568907 Welcome to our new board!

Posted by STRYPER on 09 August 2009 - 02:38 PM

The change in custom profile display was apparently a change in the 3.0 board. I know there is nothing we can do to fix it, we'll have to see what we can find whenever something becomes available.

I have not researched the Reputation thing, but it appears to be driven by how others vote on your topics/posts, lower right hand corner of the post.

I'm a member of another message board where reputation is heavily used so I can shed a little light on its advantages and disadvantages. Basically what you do is give positive "rep" to someone if they make a good, smart, funny post. You could also give someone negative rep if they break board rules, take something to far and insult someone personally, or are just being a plain jerk in their post. Negative rep happens rarely whereas positive rep happens all the time. Often times, there are limits to how many times you can give reputation within 24 hours so you don't go rep happy, as well as limitations on repping a certain person so you can't rep your friend while he reps you up to the max.

-It allows people to see who are the most popular and "witty" posters on the board
-It gives people the chance to really commend someone for making a very good point in a serious thread.
-It gives Birney the chance to fish slap Bullet as often as he wishes :D

-It can create a little bit of a hierarchy within the board... but then, so does post count
-People can misuse the negative rep causing more work for forum admins

Basically it's a small thing that could add a little bit more fun to the board but also a little bit more work as well. It probably works best in a forum system with no clear hierarchy. But since we have Regs/Admins/Sr.Admins/Core etc... reputation probably won't mean as much as it would on other forums.

I think it's a small risk, small reward proposition.
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#707109 We all have fun, why must we be bitter?

Posted by Angerfist on 25 February 2017 - 08:23 PM

Sadly a lot, if not the majority of our regular players enjoy harmful camping as soon and as long as they can. Combined with a playstyle which is poison for the server and the game.


There were situations with only 7 vs 7 players, but 4 (!) planes and 2 tanks raping the enemy main. Usually this pop should be used to seed the server to get a solid game going. Instead of holding back a bit, or at least leave the main alone, the same regular players keep on having their pittiful way of fun. It's not about fun for all, a fair fight or awesome battles, it's about beating down the other team to the bottom. The worst is when regular players who actually don't play too bad feel the need to brag and make fun about the other team.  It should be obvious that this kind of stuff is never good for the server pop, but there is either too much egoism to care or too much stupidity to realize. It's probably the egoism, because Admins trying to explain this problem since years.


Some players do nothing else but rape the main. Ironically a lot of those are the same hyppocrits who claim that a few elite pilots "ruin the fun". Which is of course somehow true (for their version of fun) , it's way harder to reach the enemy main with a B 17 or a tank when the other team has skilled personal. The same branch of "players" can't stop crying that the round sucks now because pilot XYZ joins and the air is "stacked" now. 20 minutes earlier, they had no issue with participating in a 4 against 0 plane stack, which of course was raping the main. That was an awesome round, gg guys.


The same spirit is visible when it comes to how most of them fight. If Admins wouldn't have enforced the rules, those people would do nothing but nade & expacks (and the usage is still borderline). In general, it's not about a fight and the better or more lucky guy wins. It's about making sure that the enemy dies, if anyone survives doesn't matter. Team goals don't matter. The usual loser nading / expacking his feet running away from the enemy doesn't care if teammates are around. The usual jeep guy crossing the bridge on Market Garden doesn't care if he is minimizes his team's chances when he simply drives over his team's mines. Vice versa, the jeep guy on his way to church doesn't care that he risks his own teammates life when this one is removing enemy mines. And way too often it's way more important to reach the enemy main or throw some expack from church's topfloor than helping the few guys actually trying to take and hold flags.


Way too often they harm their team in multiple ways, and if something happened : "sorry, was an accident that I drove over the mines you tried to remove". The same kind of "accidents" since years. Because mines on bridges on MG are very surprising. Of course it's way more important to rape the enemy main with the tank, using equipment to get flags for the team is not that cool anymore. Since it became fashionable to use explosives instead of mps or pistols in close combat, every extraordinary Sniiper or Medic gets called a hacker very quickly. Since crashing a jeep (or even a tank) into a tank is THE shit, the fewest know how to aim and use a tank, besides to park it behind a spawnpoint in a main to "own". That and the chance to make people angry seems to be enough.


Not to mention the planes. Even though the fewest on the server actually have enough experience to yell out an opinion, the most know what's possible or not. Most situations / happenings have a pretty simple explanation in play style and physics, but the Hedleys of this game know of course that it's BS or HACCK!!!111. Ok, why would you try to figure out the weak spots of a tank when you can ram it. No need to get better with a rifle when you can nade. Therefore, this one shot kill is total bs. Of course you won't get close to 10 % of a great pilots efficiency when your main target is the enemy main and not the decisive areas like flags.


There are so many obvious habits which drag the gaming quality down, and with gaming quality I mean FUN. Like Leftmouse mentioned, of course it's not bad when you can take a jeep to a far flag and take it because no one is there. But for the game it's way better if you conquer and defend the closer flags. Sure it's good if your team is way more effective than the enemy and is able to cap Caen out in 5 minutes. But instead of having a nice round on a nice inf map which is appropiate for the amount of people, you'll lose people at mapchange and the next map will be less fitting for the amount of people. A few days ago, on Bocage, their were about 12 known skilled players on Axis, and about 3 on Allies. The result was 45 minutes of camping, very nice results for Axis players and extremely bad for ALL Allied players. That's not the battle stories will be told over in decades, that's a 100 kg man feeling strong, proud and content because he crushed some ants while walking. I can't really see how a awesome score through beating down a helpless opponent has anything to do with FUN. On the other side, I'm tired to be one of the few who switch to weaker teams to balance the round a bit. Looks like way too many players prefer a slaughter than a battle.


It's not that hard to make 42 better for all. Focus on teamplay. Leave the god damn mains alone, especially on low pop. Play the game with each other instead of just harassing and beating down others. Keep a certain sense of fair play. A few months ago, I saw an enemy zooker having a knife fight with my teammate. I didn't attack the enemy, drove by, and instead of continuing the knife fight, the zooker asshole shot me in the back and killled me. In theory, I'd be supposed to kill every enemy who has a knife fight. But this is not war, it's a damn game. There is no need to destroy the enemy at all cost. A lost round can be an awesome round, and when you have fun, a shitty or not so good score doesn't matter. Quit using the heaviest equipment against your enemies main when it's 5 vs 5. Use common sense, after all those years of ignoring it, it's about time.

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#705348 Admin Recognition

Posted by Hairy Russian Dude on 06 November 2016 - 02:56 PM

There are a lot of complaints against the admins, so I figure a thread to pat them on the back would be nice. Did any of the admin do something recently to keep you happy and vested in the server? Post it here!
Positive comments only please!




Thank you for running Phil yesterday. It is one of my favorite maps but due to the larger pop requirement to make it work, does not get played often. We had probably the bare minimum needed to run it but you did. There were multiple requests to run it again from happy players. Your addition of time was a fair compromise to running it a second time. The players made respectful requests, you compromised and complied, you kept us happy. Thank you!

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#702909 Hackers - planes

Posted by Lin on 28 June 2016 - 10:08 PM

Thank you for bringing this to the forum instead of talking about it in game. All of the pilots you mention have been and continue to be on a watch list due to the number of complaints.


I would like to bring up some items for you to consider.


1. How did he know where I was?

- Many of the more experienced players learned about voip many years ago. They will often play with friends who are also on voip, who can and will clue in the pilot on where the "targets" (players, ships, tanks, etc) are located.

- Many experienced pilots know where targets often "hide" and will seek out all opportunities in known places.

- Some pilots run with their mini map in full, translucent view in order to be more aware of opportunities.

None of the above require the assistance from any hack.


2. How can he come down from 30,000 ft and know exactly where I am?

- Pilots are allergic to AA so they do everything they can to stay away from it, whether located on a stand-alone AA gun, a mounted browning, APC or tank fire. The more annoying pilots have learned how to "alt bomb", i.e., dive from incredible heights and hit their targets on the nose. They are especially annoying if they have perfected this technique. Others use "loop bomb" as another way to avoid being shot down.

None of the above techniques require the assistance from any hack.


3. How can he shoot me perfectly through that little door and kill me at a medic box?

- Bombing experience: they have made so many bombing runs they could knock the crest from a peacock.

- Trajectory: a bomb dropped at 45° angle will react differently (and go farther in a certain direction) than one dropped from a 90° angle.

- Game experience: they watch chat, they look for equipment that suddenly becomes vacated (or filled), they use their years of knowledge of the game to predict where the most likely targets will be.

None of the above requires the assistance from any hack.


I am a worse pilot than you and I still know this stuff. Perhaps it is because most of my BF1942 experience has been as an admin and I have been in TeamSpeak for many years with many, many experienced pilots. I have listened to them hunt, I have asked questions, and I have learned. While that doesn't mean I can duplicate what they do, it does mean that I know many things that look like hacks are actually knowledge, experience, skill. The majority of pilots I have known started out on the ground, learning the game like everyone else. They know what you know, and more.


You don't have to like it, you can certainly be pissed off by it, but the majority of the hacks I see being called these days are actually years of honing the skills. Yes, there are hackers out there and yes, that is why we still want you to post here. We catch them often, we just don't shout it out, but if you continue to see the same pilots, tankers, medpack humpers, circle snipers day after day in the game, it's because they are playing with the years of skills they built, and not by using hacks. The years that you and I put into this game may be the same, but the intensity of training was likely very different from what others have put in. I played this game every single day for many years, and never achieved what I have seen others achieve with ease. But, I also had a 40-60 hr/week job, and never had summers off, either. :)

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#701877 It's B-E-A Utiful

Posted by Captain John H. Miller on 20 April 2016 - 02:06 PM

Some times the stars align and the universe is with me:




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#708069 Insane ramblings, conspiracy theories and general unhappiness

Posted by Spare Parts on 20 May 2017 - 11:50 AM

Here ya go buddy and you know who you are..... this place is just for you.

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#706552 Pilot Stacking

Posted by Spare Parts on 10 January 2017 - 06:40 PM

Pilot Stackers


Spawn Campers

Tank Whores

Base Rapist


Medi packers


Nade spammers






If we could just get rid of these guys the game would be awesome.

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#705253 Wall Glitcher...."Chris"

Posted by Lin on 01 November 2016 - 10:31 AM

Admins are volunteers. We have lives. Because of this, we have created several avenues for players to contact admins when we are not on the server, none of which was used by any player, including you. There is the monitored (by email) Admin Needed thread. There is the Shoutbox for quick action. There is TeamSpeak, where you would have found people who know how to contact me at work to take care of life altering problems like your glitchers. Yet, nobody used any of the methods to contact us. You complain in game, then you come crap on us in here. You could easily have posted this PTW thread without the attitude, but hey, it's the internet and you are king of your world.


I would like to see you go to work and stay there 24/7. When you have to eat, crap or fall asleep, I hope someone with your poor attitude will treat you the same way you treat us. Perhaps then you will see what a sorry excuse for a human being that you are.


Man up and find some manners.



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#704282 MG Community Awards idea

Posted by Spare Parts on 16 September 2016 - 02:43 AM

This may be the only voting that won't make me feel dirty in 2016.

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Posted by Lin on 14 August 2016 - 08:11 AM

For those who haven't figured it out yet...we added new words to the banned words list a few weeks ago. If you say any of those words in the game, you will be autokicked.


We added words like hacker, cheat, and several variations of those (you kids can get quite creative trying to avoid the kick), and other words along the same lines. The answer is simple: don't accuse in game. Get their name, (the basic who, what, where, when and how) and report them in here. We will then add the suspected player to the PTW (Player To Watch) list and IF they are cheating, they will get banned. Not just yelled at in caps in the middle of the round.

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#700950 jubilee is ruining the game!!

Posted by Angerfist on 10 March 2016 - 10:18 PM

Many veteran players already mentioned a bit here and there, but all were silenced by Jubilee's threats of destroying their game with the Uranium long range circlesnipe cannon cheat. But your post nails it. Finally someone has the balls to stand up against his regime of hack terror.


You probably also play this game since it was released, like so many of us do. and we know what is possible and what not. I call BS on his shady maneuvers, nobody can kill with one shot on that distance. Especially without proning. I MEAN HE DOESN'T EVEN PRONE !!!1111!


The obvious truth finally has been revealed. It's time to make BF42 great again, and YOU Sir gave us legit players hope that it can be done.


I'm not afraid anymore. Thank you.

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#698210 My Zooking Montage Video

Posted by Lord of ZoW on 20 September 2015 - 01:59 PM

Finally got my zooking video done and uploaded. Here is the link for anyone who would like to see it. Please leave comments telling me what you think. :D.


Video Link:

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#697889 The Case For Primary Expacks

Posted by Captain John H. Miller on 09 September 2015 - 01:44 PM

i would be happy knowing there is a special place in hell for the hopping expackers. and yeah,its sour grapes because i cant do it.



I believe when Dante wrote Inferno in the 14th century it is described that they will end up in the 10th circle of hell:



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#672261 Regarding the constant kicks of 101stAir and ·«|®|»· members

Posted by Lin on 28 January 2013 - 11:25 PM


Exaggerating circumstances to gain sympathy isn't exactly showing maturity.

Three Revenant members were kicked once today. 101st Air wasn't touched. He was not the one asked to split the skill between the teams on a beatdown game, or who then ignored the request. The last time I looked up the word "constant" in the dictionary, it meant a consistent number that is more than "once".

Your clan was participating in a beatdown. Not only did you have the Allied planes on Market, but Axis planes were being stolen. The score was somewhere around 1000-ish to 500-ish. We were trying to seed the server after a crash, and the difference in skill level and advantage between the two teams was huge. I asked your clan to split the skill level between the teams today, and I took off autobalance to facilitate this. Again, the last time I looked up the word "constant" in the dictionary, it meant a consistent number that is more than "today". Much of the time, there are equal skill levels on both teams, and this entire issue is moot. I don't ask clans to split just because they're playing together, that would be silly. I enjoy playing on the same side as my friends just like you, so I completely understand that. But, when the skill level on teams is hugely unbalanced, I will leave my own squad to help balance the skill, so frankly I am not asking anyone to do something that I haven't done myself hundreds of times.

My responsibility as a server manager is to ensure fun gameplay for all of our guests, not just a few who consider themselves to be elite and untouchable. Your responsibility as a guest on our servers is to comply with our requests, which are made in the spirit of managing the server for all guests. You folks change names so much that I haven't bothered for quite some time to keep up, but one of you indicated that you didn't care about any of the other guests on the server because you were having fun. You also declared the game to be a "match". We do not run comp servers or matches, we run fun family servers for players of all ages and all skill levels. So you take offense that I called you immature? Children are very self-centered, until they mature and realize there is more to their world than themselves. If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it's probably a duck. You had no consideration or courtesy for the other guests on the server; your only concern was your own fun. Try to connect the dots and realize that fully grown humans can and will still act like children, age has nothing to do with maturity levels.

Switching teams on MoonGamers isn't difficult, I have done it for years and mostly without the benefit of using the RM. Since most "me" players like to be on whatever team is winning, most "me" players switch to that team...it makes switching to the losing team pretty damned easy. I remember one night when I was in a squad of five players, and we were playing together in TS. As soon as one team was down by 100 tickets, we all switched to that team. We must have swapped teams at least 10 times that night, over the course of several maps, and it was one of the most fun nights that I can remember. The other players on the server were content since we did not participate in a beatdown, but continued to even up the skill levels as we would bring up the scores on whatever team we were on at the time. And we continued to play all night together, as a squad. If you want to do it, it's easily done.

The following is more to all of the comp players who have been invading the Origin server lately; it is not "targeted" at your clan unless you see yourself in the description.
It is no coincidence that the disc game has been losing players to other/new games for years. But, it also lost many players whose skill level will never match those of comp players...because the game lost its fun factor. Alt whores, pixelers, nade and expack spammers, "experts" in the game sucked the fun out of it for the average player and we moved on to other games. When Origin first came out it was refreshing. We saw many new players come to a 10yr old game, and they spent time learning it and learning to enjoy it. They didn't know how to pixel, nade spam or throw expacks. They didn't alt whore or play obsessively for score. By far the majority of the new Origin players were discovering what used to be the joy of this game. Then the comp players started coming in, trash talking the new players, and once again sucking the fun out of it. Frankly my prediction is that Origin will die in March, rather than be picked up by EA as a viable older game that could have continued to bring in new players. The sad part is, this didn't have to happen but the "comp" players so much prefer the easy targets of new players over having to work for score against other long-standing, skilled players on disc. It shows in their egos, in the derision in which they address the "noobs", in the amount of trolling and trash talking that has come to the Origin server, and that is what I will continue to lobby against. I will continue to champion the average player over the highly skilled players because if I don't, average players will no longer have fun and skilled players won't have anyone to bash against their score. Both will leave and the game will eventually die, sooner rather than later.

Your argument about increasing skill level by playing against skilled players is only partially valid. Dying over and over and over again never taught anyone anything. The real good that came out of the old clans is that they spent time actually teaching new members how to use weapons, how to strat. They spent a lot of time learning the maps and learning to work as a team. This is what increases skill level, more than using new players for the latest comp target.

So go load up your disc games. Or if you lost it, it's still available for purchase for a pittance, get a new copy. Go play against players of your own skills. Leave the new Origin players to discover the fun that this game used to be without becoming the K in your KDR, or the brunt of trash talking egos. Don't teach them the "skill" of ruining the game for others and perhaps, just maybe, we'll have a new crop of players that learns to shoot instead of nading out of desperation to survive. Maybe they'll learn to throw the expacks against equipment as it was meant to be instead of using it as cheap, easy kills against infantry. Or instead of learning to alt whore for score, they'll learn skills to use planes to support their team instead of just to pad their own score.

And finally, I will admit that I kicked you all out of disgust today. While I will apologize for the emotion behind the kicks, I will not apologize for championing those who obviously needed it or managing the server for the benefit of the many, and not the few. I will not promise not to kick again when I see other players being abused by compies, and their egos and drive for easy scores. As I did today, I will always warn before I kick in circumstances such as these. Whether or not those warnings are heeded and complied with is the decision...and consequence...that will be chosen by the player(s).
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