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A New Perk for Donors!

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#1 Captain John H. Miller

Posted 26 May 2022 - 11:57 AM

As an addition to the current perks* donors receive after donating, we will be creating a new perk for donations of $20 and more. The donor will be able to name a bot in the server**. If you are so kind and able to make a donation of at least $20, either add a message in the donation message OR contact me (Miller) through a PM in our Forum or in Discord. Please include the bot name you would like to have added, and on which side you want the bot to be. You could also add a second or third choice, in case the first name might not be allowed.

The first bot names will be added around June 1st, I will be contacting the eligible donors of May myself.



As always, a big thank you to all our donors! You all keep MoonGamers alive and kicking! grouphug.gif







* A donor tag in the forum and a grey text message in the server.

** The name of the bot will have to abide by MoonGamers' name rules, (player) names of real players are not allowed. Bot names will be updated on the first of each month. This means, for example, if you donate $20 in May your chosen bot name will be added to the server on June 1st and removed on July 1st. When repeated eligible donations occur monthly and no new bot name is given, the latest bot name will be used again.

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