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Server Rules - MoonGamers.com BF1942

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Posted 26 December 2005 - 06:28 PM

Moongamers BF1942 Community Policies and Regulations

Actions taken:

  • We will try to warn whenever possible and give the offending party the opportunity to correct their actions.
  • Members of the Admin Team can be identified with a [admin] tag in front of their name.
  • All players must comply with our rules and policies while playing on our servers.
  • Any players who violate any rules and/or policies are subject to be kicked and/or banned.
  • Moongamers Admin Team reserves the right to kick/ban without warning when we feel it is appropriate. Bans may be appealed by posting in the appropriate section of the forum.

Basic Rules of Conduct
All servers fall under our Basic Rules of Conduct. The English version can be found here:

BF 1942 Global Rules & Policies


Basecamping / Main Base Attack Rule: 


If you make a kill in the enemy uncap using armor/plane, you will typically be auto-killed by the server anti-basecamp system.



  • This rule ONLY applies to Conquest (CQ) maps. CTF is excluded.

  • You may not attack uncapturable bases using any form of armor or aircraft (tanks, planes, APC, artillery).

  • Destroying empty enemy equipment is NOT allowed.


  • Infantry is allowed to attack enemy uncap, including mining/exppacking.

  • Planes may attack active artillery / AA in the enemy uncap.

  • You may steal an enemy vehicle but you must not engage with an enemy while in the base.

  • You may return fire at enemy tanks/artillery firing from their main, from OUTSIDE of the enemy uncap. (e.g. Battleaxe)

  • Running over players in the uncap in any vehicle is allowed.

Cheating/Hacking Policy:

If a player is caught cheating or hacking by punkbuster or other hack detection means, that player is immediately banned. Any Reg or Admin found cheating will immediately lose all privileges of said title and still face banning to include a lifetime ban.

Moongamers Mostly English Policy:
Moon is happy to host players from all over the world; but since we are located in USA we ask our players to speak mostly English. Brief conversations in other languages are fine to greet each other and say Hello, but otherwise please use English as a courtesy to other players.

Moongamers Name Policy:
Moon server players must have a name. No-names and names with single symbols and/or single punctuation are not allowed. Also, no advertising names please i.e., political statements, web site urls, etc. Racist or offensive names will also not be tolerated. Namejacking (taking someone else's name) is not allowed.

Advertising Rule:
-Advertising rules have now been relaxed due to the age of the game and the fact that the health of the game itself depends upon the health of all clans/communities still around. Advertising is now allowed but we prefer that it is restricted to asking for player xfire names, and brief mention in the server. Please do not carry on lengthy advertising or recruiting discussions in the server.
-No discussions of hacks, warez, no-cd cracks or any other "grey" or illegal software. Also no links to any of the above will be allowed.

Clan Recruiting/Solicitation Rule:
Not allowed. This includes asking players for email etc.


Idling Policy:
Idlers are given a short amount of time to step away from the game, we understand that is necessary from time to time. However, players who idle for 15 minutes or more are at risk of being kicked from the game in order to free that slot for an active player.

Grenade/expack Spamming Rule:
This is a kickable/bannable offense. We define grenade/expack spam as:
1) Standing at the ammo crate and throwing over your allotted three grenades, or allotted four expacks.
2) Running from ammo box to bunker window (or similar), throwing grenades/expacks, then running back to ammo box and back to window, etc, multiple times.
3) Spamming is allowed towards armor and must stop once the vehicle is destroyed.

Radio Spam Policy:
We define radio spam as repeating commands (Roger that! Roger that! Roger that!) or spamming several commands at once, and it is a kickable offense.

Chat Spam Policy:
We define chat spam as monopolizing the chat channel with redundant questions or comments. This can interfere with team play comments and is a kickable offense.

Language Policy:
Language on the servers must be kept clean from racial, sexual, ethnic and political slander at all times. Possible actions up to perm bans will be taken on anything that falls borderline´┐Ż with the above categories.

Admin impersonation Policy:
Easy....don't. Impersonating an admin, whether saying you are in jest, attempting to use warnings, kicks or bans, using a phony [admin] tag, or in any other way, will get you kicked and/or banned. Don't joke around with this one.

Team Killing:
Intentional team killing may lead to a kick without warning, if you are found to be team killing and the only thing you are seen doing is team killing you may be disinvited from our servers permanently.

Expacking the CTF flags:
No team at any time is allowed to place expacks near the vicinity ofthe main flags during Capture the Flag rounds. This is ONLY limited to expacks, mines are acceptable.


Revised 2020/08/03

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